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Awareness can help protect kids from lead poisoning

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Lead poisoning can lead to many health problems in children. An awareness of this problem can lead to aggressive efforts to prevent lead poisoning in kids.


Lead poisoning can hit young kids hard and leave them with permanent damage to their health. An awareness of the serious problem of lead poisoning will hopefully lead to aggressive efforts to prevent it.

Kids should be kept away from exposure to lead because lead poisoning most severely affects young children under six years old who are still developing physically and mentally. Exposure to even low levels of lead can decrease the ability of young children to read well.

There is not a safe blood lead level for children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there are at least 4 million households which have kids living in them that are being exposed to levels of lead which are high. There has not been a safe blood lead level identified in children. Just about every system in the body can be affected by exposure to lead.

It has been reported by Kids Health that most commonly lead poisoning is caused by exposure to lead-based paint. This kind of paint was used in many homes in the United States until the late 1970s at which time manufacture of paint with lead was banned by the government. Kids who live in older homes in the United States or who are from foreign countries that do not regulate the use of lead are therefore at an increased risk for getting lead poisoning.

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Lead is also found in soil which is contaminated. This can lead to lead dust in the home. Water that flows through old pipes or faucets may also be contaminated with lead. Bowls which are glazed or painted with lead can spread lead to food. There are also some toys and jewelry which have lead in them.

Lead poisoning may lead to irritability or behavioral problems

Kids who have lead poisoning may experience irritability or behavioral problems. They may have headaches and problems concentrating. A loss of appetite and weight loss are frequently seen. Fatigue along with abdominal pain, vomiting or nausea, constipation, pale skin, and seizures are also often seen with lead poisoning.

Doctors Health Press reports on good ways to prevent lead poisoning. You should try to keep your home free from dust. Caution should be taken in dealing with painted toys and canned goods from foreign countries.

Only cold water should be used to prepare foods and drinks. Everyone should wash their hands well before eating. Only lead free paint should be used for your home and your water should be tested for lead. If there is lead in your water use a filtering device or drink only bottled water until the pipes can be replaced.

It is also important to make certain your child eats a balanced diet. This can prevent lead poisoning and lead to better lead absorption. And so with an increased awareness of lead poisoning and aggressive measures at prevention your child has a better chance of avoiding lead poisoning.