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New procedure fights obesity, no surgery required

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Curvy tube fights obesity without surgery

There’s a new way to lose weight without undergoing surgery, thanks to the development of a new type of gastric sleeve that blocks food absorption and fights obesity.

Students in the Biodesign program of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Medical Center designed the gastric sleeve, called MetaboShield, which resembles a curvy plastic tube.

The sleeve is inserted via endoscopy and requires no general anesthesia, no incisions and no tissue damage.

"The idea was to follow the shape of the duodenum, a curved structure at the beginning of the intestine," said Dr. Ishay Benuri-Silbiger, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Hadassah Medical Center, and the clinical expert of the group.

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The natural C-shape anatomy of the duodenum region helps keep the sleeve in place, blocking the absorption of food without damaging the intestine.

The group believes that this new endoscopic procedure would appeal to millions of obese individuals who are worried about the complication of current gastric bypass procedures.

"This is a huge untapped market," said Yair Timna, an MBA student leading the project's business development.

The rapidly growing obesity epidemic and its complications are estimated to cost the American economy over $140 billion annually due to loss of productivity and medical complications. Attempts to solve this problem using weight loss programs have thus far failed due to low compliance.

SOURCE: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. "Curvy plastic tube fights obesity, no surgery required." Watch video: Curvy Plastic Tube Protects Against Obesity