Lovenox Better Than Unfractionated Heparin For Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients

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Adam Sachs speaks with frequent travelers-including Daily Show regular John Hodgman-who collect over-the-counter European medications like souvenirs.

The most popular drugs are those that quickly cure ailments like the common head cold, a sore throat, or a hangover. But it's important to buy meds only where you speak the language. Dr. J. Michael McKnight, a Manhattan internist, advises: "You should be able to ask the pharmacist what's what. A foreign drug might interfere with medication you've brought from home, so it's good to ask." Sachs uncovers a few tried and true remedies:

For the common cold -- Night Nurse

"It's like NyQuil, but it takes the top of your head off," says a friend of this British concoction. "It's the kind of drug that makes you wish you had a cold."

For the splitting headache -- Nurofen PlusAn

English man swears that the ibuprofen-and-codeine-powered remedy is also "great for hangovers when chased with a Coca-Cola."

For preventing that annoying hangover -- Metadoxil


New York restaurateur Joe Bastianich says, "It's like a turbo shot for the liver. Drink all you want. Don't get drunk-no hangover."

For the flu -- Angispray and Dolirhume Pro tablets

The combination of this spritzing throat anesthetic and these pills put a flu patient back on his feet in just four hours. "I've never had American over-the-counter pills work this way," he says. "They are completely fantastic."

For a sore throat -- Strepsils

A travel writer says, "They're available in the U.K. and former British territories-great in Delhi. They're much more effective than Vicks. Plus they come in black currant and taste better than the sugar bombs sold at Rite Aid."

For those sleepless nights -- Cyclamax sleeping pills

Sachs swallows the French sleeping pills, and swears that they "synchronize the biological clock" as promised.

For red eyes -- Gouttes Bleues eyedrops

According to Sachs, these French drops cover up the evidence of too many late nights.