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Weight Watchers to Launch Aggressive 2012 Weight-Loss Campaign

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Weight Watchers weight loss plan

Weight loss in 2012 is getting high-profile attention by two celebrities teaming with Weight Watchers International, Inc., to bring profound change to people's lives this new year.

Celebrities in Weight Watchers

Academy Award-winning actress and Grammy Award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson starred in a new Weight Watchers “Believe” ad campaign during the finale of “The X Factor on Fox on December 22. The spot featured Hudson in a duet performance with her former “reality show” self, singing “I Believe in You and Me.” On New Year’s Eve Hudson will record the song “Believe” during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show. The song will be prominent throughout the weight-loss campaign.

On the Weight Watchers website, former NBA basketball star Charles Barkley is the main man in another Weight Watchers campaign called “Lose Like a Man.” The NBA Hall of Famer known for his lean and mean physique during his playing career ballooned by more than 100 lbs. in the last decade. In a video posted to the website, the current NBA commentator describes his weight-gain over a ten-year period leading to fears for his long-term health.

“During my playing days, I had something like eight or nine percent body-fat,” Barkley related. “I felt like a stud. But I’ve gained over a hundred pounds since I retired. The last thing I wanted to be was an old fat guy taking a lot of medication.” Today, he’s back to the lean look, thanks to Weight Watchers he says.

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Many news stories during the past year buttressed by federal studies and First Lady Michelle Obama have highlighted America’s obesity problems. Doctor Oz, host of the Dr. Oz Show said recently “according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of American adults are obese.”

Dr. Oz, Weight Watchers show how to easily stay in shape

That doesn’t surprise Hudson who said childbirth was her culprit. Her personal story of combating weight gain is featured on the Weight Watchers website as and she describes emerging from the birth of her first child with weight to lose and trying to prepare for the filming of a movie in South Africa called “Winnie.” After tackling a weight-loss program for several weeks, Hudson noticed results and continued the activity during her travels to Cannes, France and South Africa. She said, “that’s three different continents, time zones, and tons of different food. If I could stay focused on such a crazy schedule, anyone can.”

Hudson’s story focuses on the power of “believe” and segments of the song are intermixed with her encouragement that with confidence, education, and a good training program, one can attain their goals of a healthy lifestyle.

Barkley provides some practical information in his piece. He suggests Weight Watchers Online for Men is a “plan that’s customized for guys and is followed completely online.” He adds that there are no special or required foods and no forbidden ones. Instead, Barkley says, you learn to make smarter choices among the foods you love.