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Sambazon refutes Consumer Reports review of its energy drinks

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On October 25, Consumers Report magazine noted that the labels on energy drinks do not always list their caffeine content; furthermore, when the caffeine content is listed, it may be inaccurate. This finding was released on October 25 in Consumer Reports magazine. The Consumer Reports study noted that 11 of the 27 top-selling energy drinks in the US do not specify the amount of caffeine in their beverages. Furthermore, of the 16 drinks that did list a specific caffeine amount, five had more caffeine per serving than was listed and the average amount of caffeine excess was greater than 20%. One of the companies cited in the report was Sambazon, manufacturer of Sambazon Amazon Energy®.

The following is a statement from Sambazon’s chief marketing officer, Greg Fleishman, in response to the findings:

We believe it’s important to clarify the information being reported in the Consumer Reports study about caffeine levels in energy drinks. Quite simply – Consumer Reports got it wrong as it relates to Sambazon. The safety of Sambazon Amazon Energy® is being unfairly and incorrectly questioned due to its inclusion in a round–up of beverages that use the label “energy drink” and media coverage concerning an unrelated brand. First and foremost, Sambazon Amazon Energy is not a dietary supplement; it is classified as a food and beverage product and labeled appropriately with a nutrition facts panel, not a supplement facts panel like many other brands. In addition, all ingredients used in Sambazon Amazon Energy are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

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The caffeine in our beverages is derived from organic botanical sources that include guarana, yerba mate and green tea extract. The Consumer Reports study stated that our product was found to have 81 mg of caffeine per 8 ounces, but the correct amount is 53 mg of organic caffeine per 8 ounces. All Sambazon products are USDA organic, non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free. And, we make each of our products with the health and vitality of our customers in mind, and will remain diligent in continuing to ensure our labels reflect exactly what consumers can expect. We’ve extended a request to Consumer Reports to correct the inaccuracies as they relate to Sambazon.

Greg Fleishman
Chief Marketing Officer

Inaccurate caffeine labeling of energy drinks may have serious health consequences

Photo credit: Sambazon and Robin Wulffson, MD