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New hi-tech exercise equipment brings fitness to the next level

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Are you a weight watcher who makes a New Year's resolution to shed extra pounds and lose weight? If so, help is available by two new pieces of hi-tech equipment: the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill and the new CompuTrainer. The former machine is designed for runners, the latter for cyclists.

The Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill is truly unique. To use the machine, one must first step into a special pair of shorts fitted to zip you into the Alter-G. Using the same anti-gravity technology developed at NASA, the machine calibrates, allowing you to reduce your body weight from 100% down to 20%; thus, amping up your running speed.

Feeling light as a feather during a training session particularly benefits people who want to continue an aerobic workout while recovering from an injury or aches and pains. The most obvious benefit of the machine is the ability to reduce one’s weight. This weight reduction is beneficial to one’s joints. In addition to individuals recovering from an injury, the machine can benefit those that wish to avoid a workout injury, and athletes ranging from beginner to professional. It is available in three models: AlterG Therapy, AlterG Sports, and AlterG Senior. Thus, the machine can benefit anyone from a professional athlete, a few times a week gym-goer, to senior citizens.

Experienced runners can use it to work on mechanics to improve running gait, correct their stance and stride length, and run drills that could not otherwise be performed perform due to the earth’s gravity. A big plus of this machine is that the feather-light sensation should make exercise more fun. A major reason for dropping out of an exercise program is boredom with the routine.

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Cycling is popular throughout the U.S. At this time of year, many cyclists curtail their activity because of unfavorable weather. Pedaling a road bike through slushy or icy streets is dangerous, miserable, and for all practical purposes, impossible. Also, it is beneath the dignity of many cyclists to step onto an indoor bike.

Enter the CompuTrainer, the new cycling program, which allows a rider to link up his or her road bike to a hi-tech machine, which analyzes every push of the pedal. Once one’s bike is linked up to the sophisticated system, the rider straps on a heart rate monitor and enters some personal information about height and weight. Following that, it’s time for a ride.

To enhance the experience, the computerized training system’s screens mimics outdoor courses such as New York’s Central Park. The goal of the equipment is to not only provide a pleasant ride but also to improve one’s riding skills. The CompuTrainer automatically adjusts to the displayed terrain. For example, when you encounter a hill, pedal resistance increases accordingly; resistance decreases on level terrain, and drops even further on a downhill. This provides a much more realistic simulation of an outdoor ride.

The coaching software system helps riders gain endurance, power and efficiency by monitoring power to weight ratio, power output, and strengths and weaknesses with pedal drills and intervals.
Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

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