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Natural alternatives to treat childhood illnesses

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Treatment Alternatives for Children, CAM, Dr. Lawrence Rosen, Jeff Cohen

For parents wishing to avoid antibiotics and prescription medication for their child’s illnesses, natural remedies are available.

The National Institutes of Health reports one in nine children use some form of complementary or alternative medicine. For example, a study published online on August 6 in the journal Pediatrics reported that children’s cough symptoms were less frequent and less severe after swallowing a spoonful of honey before bed. Parents reported that both they and their children slept through the night when the youngsters took a spoonful of honey.

Honey may be nature’s safest over-the-counter cough and cold treatment and its most potent antibiotic,” notes Dr. Lawrence Rosen, New York-based pediatrician and co-author of the new book “Treatment Alternatives for Children: Reduce Serious Side Effects with Natural Equivalents to Conventional Remedies for Common Childhood Ailments.” Dr. Rosen adds, “Best of all, honey does not have the potentially dangerous side effects of conventional medications.”

Parents concerned about the overuse of antibiotics and other prescription medicines are in search of treatment alternatives that address common childhood health concerns without exposing children to chemical cocktails. “Treatment Alternatives for Children” offers side-by-side comparisons between conventional and alternative treatment options for nearly 100 common childhood illnesses including:

  • Cranberries which are often used to treat urinary tract infections may also offer protection against heart disease, cancer and other diseases.
  • Aloe provides topical relief for skin problems such as minor burns or sunburns. It can also help heal cuts, blisters, and open sores. Taken internally, aloe soothes the digestive tract.
  • Ginger, known to settle an upset stomach, provides relief from nausea and indigestion. Ginger is an antibacterial, antifungal, and antihistamine, so it is helpful in treating colds and allergies. It is an anti-inflammatory, so it may also treat symptoms of arthritis.

Co-author Jeff Cohen has a keen interest in holistic medicine. He first felt the need for an alternative to prescription treatment when his son was diagnosed with seasonal allergies. Cohen turned to his children’s pediatrician, Dr. Rosen. “Rather than immediately prescribing a potentially harmful drug, I seriously consider each child’s unique situation and the safest, most effective solution,” explained Dr. Rosen. He added, “Often, this prescription is all-natural and can be found in your kitchen cabinet.” Impressed by the effectiveness of these holistic solutions, Cohen teamed with Dr. Rosen to publish “Treatment Alternatives for Children.”

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This new book is an easily accessible reference guide that helps parents find natural solutions to nearly 100 childhood ailments. Health concerns addressed include asthma, ADHD, autism, dehydration, the flu, swimmer’s ear, burns, bug bites, stomach aches, growing pains, and more. Treatment alternatives include herbal, nutritional, homeopathic, and mind-body remedies and the authors provide side-by-side comparisons of the conventional remedy and the treatment alternative. Dr. Rosen documents the science behind his recommendations so parents can rest assured they are treating their children with safe and effective alternatives to conventional medicines.

Each ailment is discussed in-depth and includes:

  • The generic and common brand names of each treatment
  • Active ingredients
  • How each treatment works including dosage, where applicable
  • Treatment efficiency and timing
  • Common mild and rare side effects

The book also includes helpful top ten treatment lists, including Ten Spice Rack Resources, Ten Curative Foods and Beverages, and Ten Healing Herbs and Plants, all supported by the most current scientific research. The authors report that their book is endorsed by household name medical professionals including Dr. Alan Greene and Dr. Bob Sears, with a forward by Deirdre Imus, Treatment Alternatives for Children is revolutionary, taking a look at the health of the “whole child” and encompassing both a pediatrician’s and parent’s perspectives. The book is a contemporary resource for parents seeking natural remedies for the health of their children.

About the Authors
Lawrence Rosen, M.D. (Oradell, N.J.) is a nationally recognized expert in Pediatric Integrative Medicine and a founding member and Chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Integrative Medicine. Dr. Rosen started one of the country’s first “green” pediatric practices – The Whole Child Center - and consults at the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at Hackensack University Medical Center, serving as Medical Advisor to the Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center. He is appointed as Clinical Assistant Professor in Pediatrics at UMDNJ/New Jersey Medical School. Dr. Rosen is a graduate of New York Medical College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he completed his residency and chief residency in pediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Dr. Rosen has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN’s Larry King Live and Imus in the Morning and he is a frequently cited expert on children’s and environmental health matters. He is a contributing editor and pediatric columnist for Kiwi Magazine, as well as a contributing author/editor for several books, including Integrative Pediatrics, Green Baby, and Pediatric Clinics of North America: Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Jeff Cohen (Washington Township, N.J.) is a nationally recognized author as well as the proud parent of two young children with his wife, Carol. His first book, “Dating, Inc.: How to Recruit, Select, and Retain the Right Man for a Relationship,” achieved bestseller status on Amazon. He has subsequently written two books for Alpha Books in their best-selling Complete Idiot’s Guide® series (The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Working Less, Earning More; The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Recession Proof Careers). Jeff has nearly 20 years experience in the field of personal growth and motivation, leading career, love and personal growth seminars throughout the country. He has spoken to audiences ranging from five to 5,000. He also freelances for magazines and web sites like Yahoo.com. Jeff has shared his insights through appearances on CNN, CBS, NJN, and “Voice of America,” and through interviews with USA Today, the NY Daily News, the Denver Post, the Chicago Tribune, and the Boston Herald. He earned a dual-degree in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and Marketing from the Wharton School of Business.

Reference: Lawrence Rosen, MD