Does Wearing Hearing Aid Make You Feel Self Conscious?

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Does Wearing Hearing Aid Make You Feel Self Conscious

Do you wear a hearing aid? Do you sometimes avoid using it because you don't like the way it looks?

A researcher at the University of the West of England is interested in meeting people with hearing impairments who avoid wearing their hearing aids even though they have been prescribed to help with hearing loss. MSc Psychology student, Claire Calvert is conducting a study: Issues surrounding hearing aid use - an investigation into appearance concerns to try to find out more about why many people avoid wearing hearing aids.


Claire explains, “The RNID estimates that there are currently around 9 million people in the UK with some degree of hearing impairment. Statistics show that there are only around two million people with hearing aids. However, of these people only 1.4 million are using them regularly.

“Research into issues affecting hearing aid use has found that appearance and the associated stigma is a concern for some hearing aid users and that this can impact on regular hearing aid use.

“The aim of my study is to try to understand why people diagnosed with hearing impairments do not wear their hearing aids regularly in relation to appearance and stigma related concerns. It is hoped that the information will help in the development of methods of meeting the needs of users more effectively, and improve their quality of life. I am also interested in the general public's perceptions of hearing aids and hearing aid users.”



I'm hearing impaired and I wear a set of hearing aids. I'm only 15 and in highschool and I get judged a lot for wearing them. I hate wearing them because of the way they look. It's so hard. What should I do???
Im hearing impaired, and i wear a set of hearing aids too. Im 17 and in highschool, honestly i hide mine...i wear my hair down and avoid the topic. Only my closest friends know, other than them, nobody knows, and IF i do tel them they are really surprised. So then they dont judge..