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Ear, Nose and Throat

Doctors in St. Petersburg Hospital Reduced Patient's Nose by Half a Pound

Man with Rhinophyma

It is said that a person's nose grows throughout his life. With age, the "olfactory apparatus" becomes bigger and rounder, but many do not attach much importance to this. This can be a sign of rhinophyma - a disease where the nose becomes large, red, and bumpy. A military veteran from St. Petersburg, Russia, had an extreme case of rhinophyma.

Top 10 Natural Must-Haves for Your Alternative First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

There are so many natural first aid options, but the items on this top 10 list are the must-haves I couldn’t go without! Many of these items are widely available, and I like to keep them in multiple places whether I am at home or travelling.

Top 5 Natural Immune Boosters For Flu Season

Sick Girl new picture

The news is filled with screaming headlines about the flu. Yes, another flu season is upon us, but germs do not have to govern your life. Don’t be paranoid, but do go out and fill up your medicine cabinet with these all natural immune boosters that will give your body a fighting chance against the dreaded flu.

10 Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver and Why It's Bad Reputation is Undeserved

Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is a powerful immune stimulant. In this article, I will attempt to dispel some of the myths that gave this natural anti-microbial agent a bad reputation and reveal 10 health benefits of Colloidal silver.

Easy Ear Infection Treatment for Kids and Adults

Easy Ear ache cure

My daughter, while growing up in the 90's commonly suffered from ear infections. It was almost always in the middle of the night when the pain from her ear would wake her and cause her so much grief. Back then, unfortunately, I had no knowledge of this easy ear infection treatment for kids and adults. So, it would be a round of antibiotics for her.

5 Natural Ways To Heal And Prevent The Flu Fast Without Using Medicine

Flu Natural Treatments

The flu doesn't have a season anymore. In fact, many believe the common cold has had it's day and there are only varying degrees of the flu. Should you come down with symptoms, here is how to cure the flu fast without using medicine.

Can Your Frequent Colds and Allergies Really Be Symptoms of a Deviated Septum?

Frequent Colds

It's winter and it's normal to have frequent stuffy noses. But if you often have nasal congestion year-round, maybe it's more than just allergies or frequent colds. Here are a few things you should consider.

Are Christmas Gifts Damaging Your Child’s Ears? And 2 Tips To Protect Ears

Protect Ears from Toys

Did you know that some Christmas gifts produce more ear-damaging decibels than a screaming ambulance siren?! Health experts warn that some Christmas gifts may be damaging your child’s ears and offer two useful tips on how to keep this from happening.