Bipolar Disorder Surveys Reveal Dramatic Gap

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Bipolar Disorder Information

Bipolar Disorder Awareness Day Encourages Diagnosis and Treatment, Reclaiming

Despite advances in diagnosis and treatment options, public understanding about bipolar disorder remains low, according to two surveys released by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) today - Bipolar Disorder Awareness Day.



I have bipolar, and have an obsession with ryming. Sorry about spelling. I can't stop ryming everything, if there are an other people with bipolar who read this, how do you stop or calm your obsession, if it is possible, and how do you stop suicidal thoughts, they seem to plague me. Anyways hope someone can answer these questions.
Well i am bipolar, the only thing i can tell you about your obsession about the rhyming is everytime you start to rhyme stop. And i don't mean stop rhyming i mean completely stop talking give yourself a couple mins and then start talking again. With the suicidal thoughts the only thing that you will be able to do about that is go get some help because that is a serious problem and you do not want anything to happen that is a serious prob and well even if you just talk to you a councillor that will help. Just talk to somebody because maybe and i hate saying this but maybe you need meds to help you with the suicidal thoughts or maybe the meds that you are taking are making you think like that but either way you need professional help because that is a serious issue anyway i hope i could help and good luck.