Grey Matter Loss in Bipolar Disorder Patients

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People with bipolar disorder


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I found out 6 months ago i have probably had bipolar disorder since teen years ! did not now it , just thought i was a happy go luck, smart, and mre energetic than any one else in the family ? giving was my talent, so giving away everything at times seemed normal had a good happy productive 25 years before my first switch to depression now i am trying to stabelize the Anxiety problem, it started 3 years ago and Xanax helps it alot, can one stay on Xanax for life if need be with out killing their liver ?? is there any thing that you CAN NOT TAKE XANAX WITH? carol ann from Texas
Are they sure that it is grey matter(cell bodies of neurons) and not white matter(myelinated axons)? Damage of the myelin sheath is not uncommon in these disorders. I suspect misinformation is given to the brain; from poor connections in the upper ganglia(disorders of the upper ganglia can occur; from both hereditary and environmental causes), and that it is a fault in the upper ganglia that are responsible for the auditory and visual hallucinations, found in schizoid disorders. This misinformation could trigger improper secretion responses in the endocrine system, that do not fit the stimuli of a situation. I also suspect that many different disorders can arise from variations in upper ganglia damage. On a side note: If a person lives to be 80 they will lose roughly 3.5 ounces of brain matter in their lifetime. What is the average amount of matter loss, these patients typically lose? That wasn't stated in your article.