Alliance of Doctors and Mesothelioma Patients Call on Congress to Tailor Awards to Damages

Jul 8 2005 - 8:59pm


An alliance of mesothelioma patients and 34 doctors nationwide who treat them called on each member of the U.S. Senate today to reform serious flaws in the proposed asbestos trust fund bill (SB 852).

"We are doctors and patients who are speaking up about our mission to end the asbestos cancer public health crisis," said Dr. Robert Cameron, head of thoracic surgery at UCLA Medical School and co-chair of the Doctor-Patient Alliance for Responsible Asbestos Cancer Policy.

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I just hope they will get all the attention they need, we are already convinced that asbestos cancer is a serious public matter and these people need protection. Sadly there are still asbestos victims that die before they get their compensations, they need justice and the public opinion has an important role here.