Migraine Relief Homeopathic Nasal Spray Now Available

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Nasal Therapeutics, Inc. announced today plans to enter the over-the-counter market with a new migraine relief homeopathic nasal spray. The nasal spray is scheduled to hit the shelves in the spring of 2008. Nasal Therapeutics, Inc., a subsidiary of Hensley Group, will launch a line of homeopathic nasal sprays over the next year which will include remedies for allergy, cold and flu.


"There are approximately thirty million migraine sufferers in the United States alone", commented Dr. Charles Hensley, Inventor of Zicam Cold Remedy and Chairman of Hensley Group. "Migraine attacks are severe, come on suddenly and are often debilitating. Nasal sprays are the delivery system of choice when it comes to conditions that require rapid relief as they work much faster than oral formulations."

"The development of the technology behind the new migraine product was actually quite serendipitous", added Hensley. "While working with intracellular mediators involved in the development of common colds, our scientists discovered that these same compounds are putative causative factors in the genesis and maintenance of migraine attacks. Since they were already developing nasal delivery compounds to address this therapeutic target, it was a natural to pursue a therapy for migraine attack," he continued.

Released by the Nasal Therapeutics, a developer or homeopathic nasal sprays for such conditions as common cold, influenza, allergy and migraine.



I would like to order this product and see if it helps my migraine patients.
Hi Dr. Stephen - I've done some 'research' and it appears (and this is an older article) that the company changed it's name and the that company no longer exists. :( I did find a nasal spray that is all natural and has had clinical studies that treats migraine. I don't want to post any particular product here. Looking at clinical trials and natural migraine relief products, it seems a capsaicin nasal spray is available and has been shown to help migraine sufferers.