Former Migraine Sufferer's Book Offers Relief

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Former migraine sufferer L. Brooke Dubick and renowned nutritionist Judith Chiostri give strategies and recipes to help decrease migraine headaches in their new book, Solving the Migraine Puzzle.


Migraines affect up to 28 million Americans and are three times more common in women than men. They can be chronic and so painful that nausea, vomiting, dizziness and tremors can occur, often lasting for days. What can people do? Plenty, say authors L. Brooke Dubick and Judith Chiostri. In clear, laymen's prose, they explain what migraine headaches are and what sufferers can do to ease them. They lead readers through a process to identify and avoid those potential headache triggers to which an individual is most sensitive. They also discuss diet, relaxation exercises, biofeedback, drugs, and other treatments that may help.

Solving the Migraine Puzzle is a comprehensive guide that's packed with information readers will use to control or conquer their migraines. Along with addressing the therapies, medications and diets that can help, the book details wonderful alternative meal plans and recipes for individuals with special needs such as diabetes, weight management, and sodium or cholesterol restrictions.

Medications alone are not a suitable answer for many migraine sufferers. Acute migraine, other health factors, or simply personal preference may require considering other treatment options. No one should have to suffer the debilitating pain of migraine, and now, thanks to Solving the Migraine Puzzle, everyone can find a solution.

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