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Headache & Migraine

Here’s Why Vegans Need To Lay Off The Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional Yeast Vegan MSG Migraine Headache Diet Nutrition

Nutritional yeast is a popular condiment used among vegans. Described as having a nutty or cheesy flavor, nutritional yeast is often used in place of cheese. Beloved among many vegans, it has long since been a point of contention that nutritional yeast contains MSG. In hopes of clearing up that rumor, it’s important to know this one truth: nutritional yeast doesn’t contain MSG, it is MSG.

Craniosacral therapy (CST) proven to relieve chronic neck pain and migraines

craniosacral therapy helps with neck pain and migraine

A recent study has shown craniosacral therapy to be effective in improving pain intensity, functional disability, and health-related quality of life. It is a non-invasive approach that uses gentle manual palpation techniques to release fascial restrictions between the cranium and the sacrum.

Migraine pain relief possible with home remedies

Migraines are debilitating and intense headaches that are characterized by pulsating and throbbing pain. Migraine attacks can last for hours, but there are home remedies that may help you prevent the headaches from starting and treat them once they appear. Your lifestyle has a strong impact on your health, so even small changes can help.