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Diet Coke is a Joke

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Countless numbers of dieters consume Diet Coke thinking that it is inert to their diet efforts. After all, it's called Diet Coke, right? Wrong.


Diet Coke, regardless of how many calories it has, wreaks havoc on your fat loss efforts and will ultimately cause you to gain weight. There are two main reasons for the Diet Coke fallacy. First, the sweet taste from Diet Coke elicits an insulin spike, which blocks your ability to burn fat. Second, artificial sweeteners found in Diet Coke disrupt satiety, the feeling of being full. Combined, the actions of Diet Coke go against a healthy lifestyle. Understanding why ensures that we think twice before consuming it.

When it comes to losing fat, it is more about how much sugar (or sugar substitute) you consume rather than calories or dietary fat intake. Hence, the goal is to consume as little sugar or sugar substitute as possible (including fruits and their juices). Why? The sweet flavor elicits the release of insulin from the pancreas to enhance the uptake of sugar by the cells so that it doesn't linger in the bloodstream. Once insulin is released it inhibits your fat burning hormone called HSL (hormone sensitive lipase). This hormone is responsible for releasing fat into the bloodstream to be utilized as fuel. If inhibited, your body is unable to burn fat and will then begin utilizing amino acids (from muscle) and carbohydrates as fuel. This will leave you feeling tired, grumpy, and sloth-like toward the end of the day. Not to mention, you will become abnormally hungry. Those with large amounts of HSL burn fat all day and look thin and slim. Those who inhibit it by eating or drinking the wrong substances grow fat throughout their adult years.

Second, as discovered by Professor Terry Davidson and associate professor Susan Withers at Purdue University, artificial sweeteners disrupt satiety, the feeling of being full. Their results, published in International Journal of Obesity showed that "mouth feel" plays a crucial role in the body's ability to count calories and that when we consume artificial sweeteners we disrupt the body's ability to count calories based on sweetness. Not able to use mouth feel to count calories, those who drink diet coke will overeat without conscious awareness. In other words, you think you're not eating like a pig, but in reality you are.

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Diet Coke is not the only substance having these abilities. Makers of health food bars and protein supplements are either not aware or ignore the ill effects of sugar alternatives and sugar. This can be seen by the fact that most every health food bar and protein supplement is loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. The belief that these bars and supplements are healthy for you is a perfect example of how marketing strategies can supersede medical science and common sense.

In closing, Diet Coke is a joke. Stay away from it and other sugar sources if you're serious about losing fat and keeping it off forever. Regardless of your diet and/or training efforts, the aforementioned ill effects of sugar alternatives and sugar will greatly hinder them.

Shane Ellison holds a Master's degree in organic chemistry and has first-hand industry experience with drug research, design and synthesis. He knows that American's want and deserve education, not prescriptions!

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I agree with this author. When I drink Diet Soda, I do end of feeling hungrier as the day goes on.... And as someone pointed out..look around..IT CANNOT BE A COINCIDENCE that virtually the only people I see drinking diet soda are fat and regular soda are thin. Personally, dump both and drink water..you'll be healthier. The only reason people are promoting diet soda on here is that they don't want to admit they are addicted...just try giving it up tomorrow...? Hard?
Sounds like a bunch of theory to me. Where is the data? Anyway, drinking diet Coke has to be a lot better for you than drinking the regular stuff.
By this logic exercise is bad for you because it promotes higher food consumption. Use some logic, really!
5 years ago switched from coke to diet coke and went from 245 pounds down to my current weight 155. No other significant lifestyle change was made. Do some research.
How the hell did U do that? I don't drink soda's and I keep gaining weight. I'm that 245 man U used 2 B. Help! and a diabetic2.
logically drinking diet coke which fills u up 4 short periods of time due 2 the carbonation is a lot healthier then eating a bar of chocolate nd a bag of crisps someone please tell m if im wrong
your wrong
It isn't , diet coke is better than coke itself, it won't harm to have it once in a while and it does not cause teeth discoloration
Wow... the ignorance in all of these comments is simply breathtaking. Yup... diet pop is good for you. Keep on believing that. Fools.
Insulin is produced in reaction to carbohydrates - or, more specifically, a rise in blood sugar (caused by sugars, carbs, etc.). That's why diabetics count carbs and take insulin based on how many carbs they're eating. And since Diet Coke has no sugar or carbohydrates in it, there will be no rise in blood sugar and, thus, drinking it doesn't cause an "insulin spike."
I am not defending diet coke, because the chemicals in it will inevitably cause some harm to us. However you cannot state that diet coke promotes an insulin spike. That is COMPLETELY wrong. Insulin is only released when one consumes carbs and needs it to be stored as glycogen. But there are no carbs (sugar in general) in diet coke. If the body is relasing exess insulin that is become ineffective that is another, little thing I like to call diabetes. . . . Aspartame does not work at all the same as sugar. That is also why is it promoted for diabetics, because it DOES NOT increase blood glucose levels or insulin levels. Do your research.
this is 100% absolutely incorrect.... your body cannot use artificial sweeteners for metabolic activities... when the cells of the body are not able to use the glucose in the blood stream due to the lack of insulin the body proceeds to break down fats in an effort to supply the cells... a type 1 diabetic with a bloodstream FULL of sugar consumes fat and loses weight this kind of tripe is all over the internet
Well - not exactly. When a diabetic has sugar in the bloodstream, the pancreas cannot release insulin that acts as a glucose transporter to muscles for energy use. What happens is glucose stays in the bloodstream and never gets to the muscles for energy. That's why diabetics whose sugars are out of control lose weight - faulty glucose metabolism. Those muscles have no fuel - muscle mass is lost. It also explains many other symptoms of hyperglycemia. As far as artificial sweeteners and metabolic activity - Using an artificial sweetener was found in studies to spike insulin levels the same as giving an equal amount of glucose - it just doesn't raise blood sugar levels. See the study: "The effect of artificial sweetener on insulin secretion. 1. The effect of acesulfame K on insulin secretion in the rat (studies in vivo)" BUT - the studies are mixed for sure and inconclusive. When you try to trick the body into believing it's taking in calories, it doesn't seem to work - something most experts agree on The hormonal response, perhaps, just makes you more hungry - one of the major points of the article. For the short term, a diet drink is a better choice for weight loss, but shouldn't be a mainstay.
Actually, if you look on the national diabetes sites - such as Canadian Diabetes Assoc., American, etc. you will find they say that artificial sweeteners DO NOT cause insulin spikes. Trust the experts. You will not have insulin spikes from Diet Coke
Why most of the commemts are posted by ANONYMOUS ? This raises doubts. Either the comments are fabricated or lack confidence.
hmmm, and which name appears on your comments?
I've lost 40 pounds while drinking 3 diet cokes per day. If you ask 10 people how to lose weight and you'll get 10 drastically different methods. If you listen to them, you're much more likely to get frustrated and give up. Do what works for you, not what other people tell you.
wouldn't it be funny if all these anonymous comments were actually all from the same person...
I drink diet coke everyday and still have lost a lot of weight. The key is that I workout and keep junk food to a minimum. Do what works. Stop thinking too much about fitness this and fitness that. Life is meant for enjoyment after all. Cheers.
I would love to see a citation from research on whether artificial sweeteners cause insulin spikes. Otherwise, I have to assume that it's bunk.
See my comment below - the study titles are there and can be searched.
I have the answer, drink sprite.
I drink diet coke at least 4 times a week. Nothing has changed. I didn't gain any weight. I'm not eating more or less. I don't see why diet coke is a "joke" or why we should stay away from them.
I drink diet coke because I like it not because I need to loose weight my only problem with diet coke is all of the experts condemning the stuff mate you don't have to drink it most things in the 21st century is bad for you so have it in little amount
Last year i weighed 180 pounds, so i started to diet, i ate less, and didn't even exercise, total weight loss was 40 pounds in 2-3 months. And I drank diet coke\ Pepsi every single day. I maintained my weight till now, i'm currently exercising , dieting, and drinking diet coke. Diet Coke won't make you gain weight. People who gain weight because of drinking diet coke are the ones who eat a lot from the hunger they get right after it. If you can control your hunger with diet coke, then you wont gain. Yes there are bad effects of diet coke, but gaining weight is not one of them.
The author if this article has something against diet coke. This is how you lose weight. YOU EAT LESS AND WORK OUT MORE. I call it "eat half". Eat half of everything for a month and I you will lose weight, this scientific mumbo jumbo is just job security for someone getting a govt. grant.
This article contains some good information - but a lot of crap as well in my opinion. If you create a calorie defecit through eating right and exercise you will lose weight and if you achieve a calorie surplus you will gain it. Diet coke isn't going to 'block out' the fat loss, that's an absolute crock. Nutrition doesn't need to be made this complicated.