More Americans Consume Soy in Their Daily Diet

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Soy Diet

Soyfoods are further emerging into the mainstream as more health-conscious consumers search for foods with nutritional benefits that are convenient and taste great. As evident by a recent, self-selected survey conducted by Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, an expert analyst on consumer behavior and food trends and editor and contributor to NBC's Today Show, 68 percent of respondents consume soyfoods as a regular part of their diet. The survey, that Lempert states "shows how important healthy eating has become to the U.S. consumer," was conducted through Lempert's Web site,

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Lempert's survey results (that can be found below) show that 73 percent of those consuming soy claim do so because they are aware that soy delivers health benefits, and nearly 50 percent report that they choose foods containing soy simply because they enjoy the taste. The fact that nearly 50 percent said they choose foods containing soy simply because they enjoy the taste "demonstrates how far food companies have come in developing delicious soy products that are easy to incorporate into the daily diet," said Lempert. Soyfoods are eaten most frequently at breakfast and supper and include soymilk (58%), soy burgers or crumbles (43%) and tofu entrees (32%).

Lempert, who presented the findings from his online soy survey at the 11th Annual Soy Symposium, is one of America's leading consumer trend watchers and a regular guest on The View, Oprah, Discovery Health and Extra. The annual Soy Symposium, that brings together soy producers, marketing experts and product development specialists to discuss the future of the soyfoods market, was held in Chicago this past week.