Seven Ways to Lose 10 Pounds This Month

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Despite the constant barrage of diet information with new studies, new super diet pills, we are still fat. So why aren't more people losing weight successfully?

It's almost like the quest for world peace. It's something everyone says they want, yet very few ever do what it takes to move them in a permanent positive direction. It is the focus of so many people's lives, yet their successes are few and far between. So what am I talking about? Weight loss. How many people do you meet in the course of a day who would not like to lose a few pounds? Not very many, I bet.

So why aren't more people losing weight successfully? With all of the attention on weight loss and the $40 billion spent each year on diet aids, America should be the fittest country on earth (we are not, in case you were wondering). Did you know that there are more overweight and obese people today then ever before in history? Did you also know that deaths associated with obesity- related diseases are at an all time high?

This I find interesting; that despite the constant barrage of diet information with new studies, new super diet pills, and the like, we are still fat. So what is going on?

I can tell you that part of the problem is all of the information and misinformation out there. There are studies that prove one method works, and another study contradicting the previous study. We have various "experts" who cannot seem to agree on even the most basic information. So who do you believe, who do you trust? One quick indicator is if they have a product to sell, (i.e. nutritional supplements, meal replacements) you may want to check into their claims, as well as their motives. Read More About Rapid Weight Loss Tips, Techniques and Strategies >>

I don't have an M.D., but if there is one topic that I know a lot about, its weight loss. When it comes to weight loss, I have been there, done that and am 45 pounds lighter, thank you very much.

What I am about to share with you is not new information. It's common sense. (Now there is something that is missing from the world today.) If you follow the tips I am about to share with you, I can almost guarantee permanent weight loss and a healthier future. Here we go?

Give up the bacon and eggs that you have been eating for breakfast and start your day off with plenty of fresh fruit. Forget about breakfast cereals too. Instead eat bananas, oranges, mangoes, strawberries, watermelon, whatever fruits you feel like having. Don't be concerned about calories. Let fruit be all you eat until lunch.


Limit your meat (steaks, chicken, fish, yes, it's a meat.) to 3 meals a week. A lot of people like to eat meat at every meal. I used to be one of them. If you are one of them, you need to do some research of your own to understand how hard that is on your body. Eating that much animal product is good for no one except your doctor and the meat producers.

Increase the amount of salad you are eating. If you normally have a small token salad on the side just to add color to your meal, its time to refocus. Move that small salad to a bigger plate and add to it. Make the salad the center of your meal and watch the pounds drop off. Now remember, adding a bunch of things from the salad bar that are not vegetables is not what we're talking about. Forget the high fat dressings too. Using less dressing and those of a low fat variety will allow you to taste the salad and not just the dressing

4 Limit the amount of processed foods. What is processed food you ask? If you didn't find it in the produce section of the grocery store, it is probably a processed food. Anything that requires an ingredient list is probably a processed food. Breakfast cereals and granola bars are advertised as health foods, but in reality they have very little going for them nutritionally. Really start to pay attention to the amount of processed foods that are out there and you will begin to understand why there is an 'obesity epidemic' in this country. Take note of the amount you are eating, and how much you are feeding to your children. Your children deserve better than that. Get them eating more of the wholesome foods too.

Increase the amount of veggies you eat, especially raw veggies. If there is a magic food out there for weight loss, fresh fruits and veggies are it. Start eating predominantly fresh fruits and veggies and just watch the pounds melt away.

Limit the amount of dairy products you consume to 3 meals a week. This one can get tricky. The Dairy Association is convinced that you need to be eating dairy every day at every meal whether you want to or not. When I go out and order a garden salad, why does it more often than not come with cheese and bacon on it? Since when did we start growing cheese in a garden? And how is bacon a vegetable? You really have to be paying attention because they will sneak it in anywhere they can.

Get some form of exercise everyday. This is almost a no-brainer. Is there anyone alive who does not know what happens to muscles if we don't use them? Are we all aware that your heart is a muscle? Get out there and get your heart going. If you follow all of the above tips, you are going to have so much extra energy that you are going to need to do something with it anyway, so get out there. 20 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise 4-5 mornings a week coupled with a good weight training routine will do wonders for you.

It is important to remember that there is no magic pill. Permanent weight loss has to be tied to your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will promote good health while an unhealthy lifestyle will produce health problems, excess weight, and potentially deadly diseases. You can make your choice. I have made mine, and life on this side of the fence is pretty great.

Follow these seven tips and you will make more progress in one month than you have made all year.

Julie Rayburn is a Lifestyle Coach for Vitality Health and Fitness. She has developed a program to help people lose weight and take control of their health. Copyright 2003 Julie S. Rayburn.



Ms. Rayburn-- this is by far, the most fabulous advice I've ever read. Thank you-- very, very brilliant.
I too found this article to be a great helper in my new healthier lifestyle... great tips!
I really liked this article. It was well written and realistic. I will definately try this asap.
It's nice to read an article that doesn't tout a bunch of nonsense or promote some type of product or agenda. This article is common sense and we all know what we should do but it's hard to rewire ourselves and do what's right for our bodies and mind. I know i struggle with it everyday. I have been trying to incorporate a healthy diet into my household (including lots of fruits and veggies) but we rebel from time to time. All i can say, it's a work in progress. Good luck!
What you are describing is much similar to the paleo diet, also known as the hunter gatherer diet. It isn't even a diet, more of the lifestyle that nature intended for us. Processed foods and grains were not possible until a few thousand years ago. It takes millions of years for a species to evolve. Therefore, our bodies are not especially adapted to eat grains, things that require cooking to be eaten, and red meat. Although there is nothing wrong with eating 3-4oz servings of lean meats, they simple weren't readily available to us then. The paleo diet is more than simply eating nuts and berries all day. To fully understand it, you should also read up on the glycemic index and how our bodies respond to hunger and what foods cause spikes and reductions in insulin production; a natural enzyme that the body creates. Posted are couple of sites to read to gain a fuller understanding of the paleo diet. I would also couple the paleo diet with The Zone. The Zone is all about proportion to, fats, carbs and protein intake. In addition to an exercise routine, the paleo can help you drop weight once and for all. I also do crossfit training. It's roughly a combination of gymnastics and olympic style weight lifting. There aren't any machines at all. Man didn't have machines and he was outside all day and did whatever needed in order to exist. Crossfit is all about building stronger bodies and less about having "pretty muscles" but mroe on fuctional ones. One of the best things as well about crossfit training, it can be geared towards all fitness levels, and no experience is needed. It makes working out almost like being a kid playing in the park. All this is posted for informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before undergoing any diet and exercise plans.
From a fellow cross fitter, I am addicted to the workout which I can scale to my level. The workout changes everyday so my body cannot get used to it. The non processed natural food way of eating is the only and best way I have found to eat healthy.
Tho this article had all information that I was aware of quite knowingly, it was nice to read something that was not artificial. No catches, no binging, no drugs, just plain obvious eat healthy and loose the weight. Well written and informative.
It's important to note that this is promoting a diet not a lifestyle. From our meat we get protein(promotes good hair growth), a lot of cereals provide us with iron(which prevents anemia), and dairy such as yogurts give us calcium. Some of your notes were good for a quick weight loss like you said, but not for a lifestyle.
Became a vegan a few months ago and I'm alive and kickin...more alive and kickin than I've ever been in fact! Protein can come from other sources as well as calcium (leafy green veggies) I feel so much more alive now that I eat an abundance of fruits, veggies, and whole grains and I am never hungry or deprived. There are some great meat subs out there if you get a hankerin for italian sausage! And...I lost weight without even moving around more. Once I added more excersise, I really started to notice a difference. As far as veganism being a lifestyle, it's easy as pie (something you can still enjoy.) If you want soley to loose weight and don't value the health of you heart or the condition of your skin, yeah, stick to meat and cheese and CUT OUT FRUIT (how stupid does that sound...use your brains people!), but if you want to look and feel fantastic, seriously consider pissing off the dairy industry and go veg!
dont try to push your beliefs on others, its wrong, the only reason mankind is as developed as it is mentally, is because of the protien and other nutrients provided by meat, and dairy contains more calcium than most vegitables do, would most rather a cup of milk over 15 strawberres, the point is you cant be so pig headed to say that your way is the only way, start reading and researching yourself before you judge others
i will definitely take the advice of eating more fruits and raw veggie
This is everything I need to get back on track and achieve my personal fitness goals.
It was truly refreshing to read about weight loss without a catch scam or anything involving paying to hear the so called "truth". This article was informative and very true. Thank you very much. I will give this a go as soon as possible.
I am constantly working hard and eating right. I have been a vegetarian for nearly a year, and at points I am discouraged from my intense workouts when I do not yield results. After reading this, I'm able to see some obvious changes I can make to achieve the success I am striving for. Well-written and extremely encouraging and easy to do!
This is definitely a true article. It's very important that people realize that weight loss (that will last) is connected with their lifestyle. I have been in the dancing industry for 11 years and I know how much energy fruits and veggies can give you!
Thanx for the great info..really appreciate it..
how can i lose 10lbs by janaury
Thanks. because of this article I've been inspired to really try this time. No more artificial lifestyle!
Has anyone tried this method... will it work.. I think too much sugar from fruits..please let me know
It is ok to consume sugar. Fruit really doesnt have that much sugar in it naturally. All the sugar comes from the syrup in canned fruit and fruit juices with added sugar (look on the back, above the nutrition information, most juices are not 100% juice). Eating natural sugars is better for you because the stuff like high fructose corn syrup is very processed so instead of your body having to use energy (a.k.a. CALORIES) it just goes strait to storing it for later (...fat...). So fruit is fine if, just like with any other food, you dont over indulge :)
Mucho gracias! Finally, something realistic to put out there. Not many people think they have common sense...they do, they just don't use it! I will definitely be trying this and I hope to see positive results :)
I've lost weight in this same way and it definitely works. Fresh fruit in the morning is my favorite. I also choose whether I'm going to eat a meat with a vegetable OR a starch with a vegetable--never both in the same meal! I have lost weight this way on two different occassions and one of the times led me to winning a weight loss challenge. I am 20 pounds lighter than my maximum weight and am on the road to another 40!
its so good to read an artical with no catches. All the tips realy work. Belive me i done and lost 20 pounds in 40 day great ha? But if u stop and go back to piging u will gain all the weight back in a blink of an eye. And even more. So do it and stick with it.
i know im only 12 but ive been following these rules and twisting them a little to fit in my life i have already lost 7 pounds in a month and a half.
there should be an exception to the dairy, if you are a teenager you have to have several servings of dairy a day, because your not a M.D. you shouldn't be suggesting things your not educated in, if there isn't proper amounts of dairy in your diet women can develope many problems like weaker bones, which means they're more breakable, if you want to lose weight ask your doctor for some dependable information, going to the internet for an answer can cause illness and a bad future life, common sense isn't whats needed, education is whats needed.
U r right
I was just looking for a way to drop ten pounds for my wedding. I do not need to drop tons of weight and am more concerned with getting back into a healthy lifestyle than the number. I found this article to be very well worded and informative without being pushy. Not using milk every day will be hard, especially in this household... but I can definitely relate to the fresh fruits and vegetables. They give me so much energy. I just need to remember not to eat anything else before noon. I have always been a big eater. I am weighing in at almost 120 which is the most I have ever weighed though and I do not feel healthy anymore. Meat is also a daily assurance in this household and I cannot change that either, but I can chose to eat less at those meals. The article was encouraging and I hope to incorporate a few of your suggestions into my daily life. I really appropriate it and I am sure my dog will too.
thank you! finally, someone who isn't makes sense, has bee there, and isn't a fake (or are you? hehe)!
This article is very true. I've been eating a lot of veggies and fruits, combining with exercise and within a week I noticed the results. Also think it's all in your mind, control your bad habits intake by telling yourself NO! and think before you put something in your mouth. Enjoy!