DASH Diet Cuts Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke

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A special diet recommended for hypertension sufferers - called DASH diet - reduces risk for developing heart diseases and stroke.

Researchers fro Simmons College in Boston examined 88000 women at their 30s during 25 years. They were monitored for diet choices and cardiovascular events to uncover the link. About 15000 women had a diet very close to DASH diet, about 18000 women had a typical American diet.

DASH diet is the one recommended by health officials to hose who suffer from high blood pressures. It mainly consists of 'fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk and plant-based protein over meat'.


The study showed that women taking healthy DASH diet had 24% reduced risk for developing heart attack and 18% for developing stroke, compared to those having typical American diet. These figures show significant improvement in heart health, because the rates of cardiovascular diseases are very high. About 2 out of 5 women develop heart attack or stroke in their 50s.

The study is yet very limited, because it would be better to have both sexes included in the study with randomly assigned diets. This kind of a study would be more correct, but it would also be very difficult to conduct such a study in long-term period. However, researchers think that the results would be the same.

It is known that DASH diet is to prevent high blood pressure and higher levels of cholesterol, and both conditions cause numerous cardiovascular disease. This is why a healthy diet is a must for overall health.

People might prefer a pill, rather than a long term lifestyle change. Some may also think that they don't need a high blood pressure DASH diet, because they don't have such a problem. However, researchers urge that everyone, even those who doesn't suffer from hypertension should manage a healthy diet for better health.