Pritikin Diet Breakthrough: Why We Crave Fats

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I began reading Pritkin Weight Loss Breakthrough book after reading Pollan's books "In Defense of Food" and "The Omnivore's Dilemma" (both reviewed on this site below). While Pollan never mentioned about Pritikin diet, I found that Pritikin's ideas reflected very much what Pollan had to say (i.e. avoid processed food, easy on the heavy meat emphasis, eat more plants, etc.).


The principle about the Pritikin Diet seems fascinating, but Pritkin Weight Loss Breakthrough is not the one to read to get an idea of the details of his diet plan as only one or two chapters are truly devoted to it. I really enjoyed reading about his explanation of why we crave fats and sweets and how to try and outsmart it. It really makes great sense that you will feel fuller eating a huge salad as compared to a 3 oz steak though the salad had infinitely less calories.

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