Hollywood's Hottest Diet Tool

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Portionpals, an innovative weight loss tool, announces that due to overwhelming response, celebrity TV news show EXTRA will be featuring portionpals as Hollywood's hottest product on its "Gimme Gimme" segment.

This is the second time portionpals has been featured on EXTRA in less than 2 weeks.


As the "diet" alternative with a list of users that reads like a Hollywood's Who's Who, portionpals is being embraced as the new "it" accessory among celebrities, fashionistas, and those in the know. This "new kid on the block" is gaining market share in a multi-billion dollar industry. Seen on the red carpet and in the posh handbags of A-list celebs, portionpals has sold over 50,000 units since its debut in March.

Unlike other weight-loss programs, portionpals doesn't require high start-up costs or recurring monthly food fees. Its straightforward approach takes the guess-work out of eating by providing users with the exact USDA recommended servings for meat, poultry, fish, sides and desserts. The five translucent silicone discs are easy-to-use, compact, and even double as cutting boards - clearly making portionpals an industry fav.

"Although NOT a diet, the plan is to aid the consumer by giving them a simple guideline that is easily integrated into their overall lifestyle," says portionpals founder Paris D'Jon. The results are in: Valerie and Kirstie may be calling Jenny, but EVERYONE else is calling us...portionpals.