The 5 Factor Diet Plan By Harley Pasternak

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The 5 Factor Diet Plan

Harley Pasternak has publsihed a new book called The 5 Factor Diet Plan. Harley Pasternak, the health maestro of 5-Factor Fitness, is back with another simple, memorable regimen: The 5-Factor Diet tells you how to lose weight with five ingredients, five minutes, and five meals a day.

The 5 Factor Diet Plan Includes

Unique 5-Factor diet program created by celebrity trainer and diet expert Harley Pasternak, author of 5-Factor Fitness.


The 5-Factor Diet is easy and delicious, with 5 small meals a day, 100+ great recipes with 5 or fewer ingredients, and just 5 minutes of prep time!

Includes a simple 5-week diet program plus a success log that makes it easy to chart your progress.

5 weeks of meal plans, plus shopping lists, make planning and preparation a snap.

A BONUS chapter of 5-Factor Fitness workouts and sample 5-minute workout moves helps you maximize diet results in just 25 minutes per day over 5 weeks.

Includes inspiring success stories from real people in addition to testimonials from some of Hollywood's hottest stars.


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