Diet Industry Gets Rocked By Newcomer

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With over 10,000 units sold per week since its launch, portionpals is fast becoming the "diet" alternative among celebrities, fashionistas, and those in the 'know.'

This "new kid on the block" is gaining market share in a multi- billion dollar industry.


Unlike other weight-loss programs, portionpals doesn't require high start-up costs or recurring monthly food fees. It takes the guess-work out of eating by providing users with the exact USDA recommended servings for meat, poultry, fish, sides and dessert and can be used with myriad nutritional programs.

The five translucent discs are easy-to-use, affordable, compact, and double as a cutting board - clearly making portionpals the new industry 'fav'. Who needs a diet, when you've got portionpals.

"The plan is to aid the consumer by giving them a simple guideline that is easily integrated into their overall lifestyle," says entertainment entrepreneur and company founder Paris D'Jon who is putting his money where his mouth is. He has lost over 29 pounds with portionpals.

Founded by entrepreneur Paris D'Jon, portionpals is a five disc food management system using USDA approved guidelines for meal servings. Headquartered in Port Washington, NY, portionpals is rapidly becoming the barometer by which all meals are measured and consumed.