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Healthy Diet Plan

Following a healthy diet can prevent illness, give us energy and help with weight loss. Learn about healthy foods and meals that can help prevent disease and aid healing.

Change Of Diet Can Treat Depression: Diet vs. Social Relationships

depression diet anxiety

Typical treatment for depression commonly involves medication and/or psychotherapy. Researchers are now taking a serious look at the impact of a diet for depression as an additional form of treatment, and the results have shown the undeniable positive impact of food on mood.

No, Asparagus Doesn’t Worsen Cancer

Aspragus cancer health nutrition diet

Nutrition is an important factor in boosting and maintaining immune system health. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been shown in studies to be a preventative of cancer. This is why it's shocking that the most healing of all non-cancer foods - asparagus, has come under attack.

New Research Suggests That Food Can Fuel or Inhibit Cancer Growth


New animal research published in the journal, Nature, suggests that food can either fuel or inhibit the spread of cancer. This is due to the amino acid composition of foods because certain cancers appear to thrive on specific amino acids.

Stop Eating This Food If You Have Cancer

Animal protein cancer diet nutrition fruit

We know that cancer eats -- it is self-sustaining and lives off of what you put into your body. Sugar has long been blamed for feeding cancer, while animal products, particularly meat, have flown under the radar. This misinformation has thrown fruit under the bus as a healthful option and has prevented many cancer patients from healing.

Keto Diet Least Healthy for 2018

Keto diet, Plant-based diet Mediterranean diet, health

Plant-based diets are predicted to be a huge trend in 2018. Vegetarian and vegan diets are the top trends according to International meal delivery service Just Eat, and now, according to new Dietary Guidelines for 2018-2020, the less restrictive Mediterranean diet will be recommended to those in lieu of the Keto Diet.

Top 10 Favorite Dairy-Free Alternatives For the Christmas Season and Beyond

Dairy-Free Alternatives for the Christmas season

Christmas is a very cheery season, but it can be disheartening to face the holiday baking without your favorite recipes just because you have a dairy allergy. We do have to make some adjustments, but thankfully there are alternatives available that make the transition to a dairy-free Christmas a little easier so that feelings of deprivation don’t set in.

Here's Why A Vegetarian Diet Trumps Aspirin Therapy For Heart Trouble

Vegetarian Diet High Blood Pressure Heart Disease Diet Nutrition

The least talked about cause of high blood pressure and its resulting heart disease and stroke risk is thickening of the blood. Undoubtedly, thick blood is a result of a high-fat diet, particularly, a diet high in animal products. Many are treated with blood thinning medications, or anticoagulants, and many are put on aspirin therapy, but is a natural alternative that is longer lasting.

The Rapid Evolution of the Vegan Foodies and Chefs

When I first decided to go vegan, after watching some very convincing documentaries, I was pretty sure that I was going to be sacrificing much in the way of taste and texture. I was okay with that, believing it was the right move for the animals, for the environment and for my health.

Plant-based Diet Best For Preventing Heart Failure

heart disease plant-based diet nutrition natural remedy

Heart failure is a condition that is usually years in the making. It is a slow breakdown of muscle over time, likely caused by years of deficiency, that leaves the heart inefficient at pumping blood and drawing enough blood to supply to the body. Surprisingly, 6.5 million Americans, over the age of 20, suffer from this condition.

Eating This One Vegan Food Boldly Boosts Brain Function

Nuts brain health cognition function

Vegetarian foods have been studied for cancer prevention to heart health and more, but there's one vegan food that is critical for enhancing cognitive processing, information retention, learning, perception and rapid eye movement during sleep -- and that food is humble pistachio.

4 Key Nutrients Every Vegan Desperately Needs

vegan supplements health nutrition

Vegans, like meat-eaters are not immune from deficiencies. To thrive on a vegan diet four key nutrients are required. Avoiding these nutrients results in similar diseases as your meat-eating counterparts. Learning to divert vegan deficiency risks is the responsibility of every vegan.

For Vegans, Good Food Equals Good Mood

Vegan Diet Mood Anxiety

It has often been said that good food means good mood, however, this saying doesn't apply to a steak dinner with wine, all the trimmings, and dessert. Instead, it applies to a simpler, meatless meal according to a 2015 study that surveyed the moods of vegas and vegetarians compared with meat-eaters.

What To Say To The Vegan-Shamer In Your Life

vegan protein health diet prevention

Vegan-shamers love to let you know their unsolicited opinion. They often do this by shaming your lifestyle and diet choices or by taunting you with their diet. A vegan-shamer may tell you that your impact on the environment is minimal. By knowing the facts about the ever popular vegan movement, as well as seeing the impact of the many others who have embarked on this journey, you can dominate vegan-shaming with positivity and knowledge.

The One Lame Excuse People Make To Avoid Changing Their Diet

diet health nutrition

It is never easy to make eliminations to your diet in order to improve your health, but these days it's more common than ever to have to do so. Food intolerances, allergies and mystery symptoms ease or disappear when you take control of your health without making excuses.

Raw Vegans Know High Carb Diets Heal And Every Other Diet Is An Imposter

Vegan High Carb Healing Natural Remedy

You may have heard that both the Atkins, Keto and Paleo diets are healing diets, but the truth is they are not. They are imposters and antagonizers of illness and poor health. These high protein diets will eventually cause your liver to become sluggish, prematurely aging you and in the end, causing you to gain weight while exacerbating disease.

3 Ingredient Anti-Aging Heart And Bone Healing Vegan Smoothie

Green Smoothie Anti-aging Natural Health

You can get stronger. You can age backward. You can be more nourished and you can be healthier by adding three easy-to get ingredients into your daily routine. This simple, sweet and nourishing smoothie can change your life, your health and improve your skin when added to your everyday routine.

Plant-based Diet Ends Reflux Better Than Prilosec

Acid reflux, plant-based diet

Heartburn is a dietary condition that plagues more than seven million Americans a year. It is a diet-related disease strongly linked to obesity and poor diet. Adopting a plant-based diet ends reflux better than Prilosec and other PPI medications which have negatively been linked to dangerous side effects.