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Healthy Diet Plan

Following a healthy diet can prevent illness, give us energy and help with weight loss. Learn about healthy foods and meals that can help prevent disease and aid healing.

Plant-based Diet Best For Preventing Heart Failure

heart disease plant-based diet nutrition natural remedy

Heart failure is a condition that is usually years in the making. It is a slow breakdown of muscle over time, likely caused by years of deficiency, that leaves the heart inefficient at pumping blood and drawing enough blood to supply to the body. Surprisingly, 6.5 million Americans, over the age of 20, suffer from this condition.

What To Say To The Vegan-Shamer In Your Life

vegan protein health diet prevention

Vegan-shamers love to let you know their unsolicited opinion. They often do this by shaming your lifestyle and diet choices or by taunting you with their diet. A vegan-shamer may tell you that your impact on the environment is minimal. By knowing the facts about the ever popular vegan movement, as well as seeing the impact of the many others who have embarked on this journey, you can dominate vegan-shaming with positivity and knowledge.

Raw Vegans Know High Carb Diets Heal And Every Other Diet Is An Imposter

Vegan High Carb Healing Natural Remedy

You may have heard that both the Atkins, Keto and Paleo diets are healing diets, but the truth is they are not. They are imposters and antagonizers of illness and poor health. These high protein diets will eventually cause your liver to become sluggish, prematurely aging you and in the end, causing you to gain weight while exacerbating disease.

Plant-based Foods Help To Prevent Age-Related Mental Decline

alzheimers vegetarian diet nutrition

Alzheimer's Disease is an age-related irreversible condition that robs people of their independence and most precious lifetime memories. Research shows a lifestyle of proper eating that includes a diet high in plant-based foods, particularly fruits and vegetables and is low in fat, can go a long way toward preventing the disease.

Two Solid Reasons Vegans Should Avoid Soy

Vegan die, soy GMO fertility

For years the benefits of soy have been exaggerated in studies to make soy seem like the ultimate health food. Over time the amount of soy found in the American diet has increased, added into the food supply through animal feed and in processed foods. If you are vegan and eating tofu, oils or processed foods that contain soy and may unknowingly be jeopardizing your health.