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Obesity Cause and Help

15 Ways to Combat Childhood Obesity by Making Fitness a Family Affair

If you don't want fat and obese kids, don't live a fat family life, says fitness expert and author Tom Gilliam. Here, he offers some simple yet powerful ideas for getting kids (and maybe you, too) excited about getting fit and to combat obesity.

Bacteria Found In Human Digestive System May Be Linked To Obesity

Obesity is more than a cosmetic concern because it increases a person's risk for developing high blood pressure, diabetes and many other serious health problems. It's well understood that consuming more calories than you expend through exercise and daily activities causes weight gain. But with about one in every three American adults now considered obese, researchers are attempting to identify additional factors that affect a person's tendency to gain and retain excess weight.

Website Helps People Seeking Information On Obesity Surgery

New website www.loseweightgainlife.co.uk provides clear information and support to people considering obesity surgery. To coincide with the launch of the website, findings from a new survey reveal widespread confusion over the causes of obesity in the UK with nearly 8 in 10 people (79%) believing obesity is caused purely by 'lifestyle choices', rather than being a serious medical condition, and 50% also associating the condition with 'greediness'.