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Obese Girls in Early Puberty At Risk for High Androgen Levels

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Obesity and Puberty

Obese girls in the early stages of puberty are at risk for having high levels of androgens (sometimes called "male hormones"), a condition that may lead to health problems later, write a team of researchers from the University of Virginia Health System. Dr. Christopher McCartney and colleagues, writing in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, found that free testosterone (T) was three times higher in obese girls than in normal-weight girls. These findings were especially prominent in the group of obese early pubertal (Tanner stage 1-3) girls, who had a mean free T that was 5 times as great as the group of normal-weight early pubertal girls. The obese group also demonstrated elevated fasting insulin compared with normal-weight girls, the researchers noted.

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The study of 76 girls included 41 obese children, and an extension of this research involving 98 girls will be presented at the ENDO 2006 meeting in Boston on Sunday, June 25.

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my 16 year old daughter has high testosterone and has not started her menstrual cycle as of yet. Diabetes does run on both sides of her family. She is showing signs of sugar flutuation because she does get dizzy, shaky, tired, and craves carbs and sugar alot! The doctors don't seem overly concerned about it at this time, but she is very concerned that she won't be able to have kids. I am worried about her health. Any suggestions?