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Obesity Leads To Climate Change

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Obese people are now blamed in food crisis and climate change, because they consume much more calories leading to food shortage and use more transport leading to more gas emissions and climate change.

A study by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine shows that obese people consume 18% more calories than average weighted people do. They need about 1680 calories a day to maintain normal daily energy and 1280 calories to maintain normal daily activities. This is 5 times more than normal weighted people do.

Too much food consumption by obese people leads to more demand on food. Food companies are doing more to provide with the necessary amount of food using more oil in general production process and in agricultural processes. Oil price is also increasing food price making it difficult for poorer people to consume even a very small amount of food.

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Besides, obese people more rely on transport, they use bicycles and walk less than normal weighted people do. This is why obese people exhaust more gas emissions than normal weighted people do.

These two factors together are rapidly increasing oil use and gas emissions and leading to climate change. It is already known that nowadays the number of obese people is twice as much as it was in 1980s, and according to WHO predictions in 2015 their number will even double to 700 million. Therefore, the food crisis and gas emissions will be even problematic.

However, not all health officials agree with the research, such as Dr David Haslam from National Obesity Forum says, that obese people are being blamed unfairly and it is a discrimination towards them. Climate change comes from complex factors, and obese people are not the ones really leading to it.

Despite of the fact who is really the one to be blamed in climate change, obese people or other factors, it is well known that obesity leads to numerous problems not only for overweight people, but also for general public. Therefore, 'healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits and maintaining healthy weight' is the main message of this and all other researches pointing out problems caused by obesity.