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Majority Of Women Admit To Being Overweight

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A majority (57%) of all American women admit to being overweight, while 30% state they are uncomfortable and ashamed of their bodies, according to a new poll from Woman's Day magazine and AOL Body. However, if given the option, 78% would rather get a million dollar payout than have Jennifer Aniston's slim physique. The new poll -- featured in the February issue of Woman's Day magazine hitting newsstands today -- examines how American women feel about their mental and physical health, as well as views concerns about the nation's health care system.

Body Image and Breaking Bad Habits

According to the findings, only 8% of those polled admitted to exercising on a regular basis, yet when asked what they most wish for, 37% stated to be thinner, followed closely by wanting more energy (31%) and better physical strength/stamina (26%). Surprisingly, only 6% stated to look younger. When asked what bad habit they are unable to break, 31% stated stressing out, topping not exercising (27%), eating junk food (25%) and smoking (17%).

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Biggest Health Concerns

28% responded that cancer was their biggest health concern, while nearly one in four (24%) responded depression followed by heart disease (21%), diabetes (13%), Alzheimer's (11%) and fertility issues (3%). Forty-two percent stated stress was the one thing that most negatively impacted their health followed by sedentary lifestyle/not enough exercise (25%), poor diet/junk food (23%) and poor sleep habits (10%).

Views on U.S. Health Care System

A majority (53%) stated they would forgo prescription medication if it were too costly, with a stronger majority (83%) stating they would be in favor of a universal healthcare system. Thirty-eight percent of those polled stated that they do not feel comfortable discussing their sex lives with their doctor, while one in four admitted that they have lied to their doctor about their medical histories. Forty-two percent stated they have used/tried alternative medicines or therapies.