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Florida Department Of Health Launches Hispanic Obesity Prevention Education

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The Florida Department of Health launches a comprehensive campaign to promote a free Health and Fitness Evaluation for Hispanics residing in Florida.

The individualized evaluation gives a personalized report. It will detail their personal dietary habits, assess their level of physical activity and examine weight. The report also includes helpful tips targeted at improving the areas needing the most attention based on the individual's evaluation.

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Participants also have access to bilingual nutrition counselors to answer any questions they may have about their report. The evaluation and counseling are free of charge. The evaluation is advertised extensively via television, radio, internet, and billboards in areas of the state with large Hispanic populations.

On June 19th, HOPE is sponsoring a Best Practices Showcase at the Grosvenor Resort & Hotel in Orlando, FL. In attendance will be all HOPE Mini-Grant recipients and others who have an interest in Hispanic health promotion. The agenda includes the exchange of lessons learned, the presentation of state-wide resources.

The mission of HOPE is to promote increased physical activity, healthy nutrition, and appropriate food portion sizes among Hispanics living in Florida. The HOPE program also encourages decreased time spent watching television, decreased time using the computer on non-school related activities, and decreased time playing video games. Ultimately, HOPE aims to reduce chronic diseases and disabilities associated with overweight and obesity.