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Study On Clarinol CLA - Regional-Specific Fat Mass Decrease In Overweight, Obese

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Clarinol CLA and Obesity

New research shows that Clarinol CLA reduces fat mass in particular locations on the body, without any additional exercise.

Previous research on CLA was not able to establish this prior to this study. The subjects in the trial lost an average of 2 kg of fat (equal to 4.4 lbs.) around the waist area and in the legs vs. the placebo group.

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The outcome of this new study provides substantial insights on the effects of Clarinol CLA since the research was conducted with a sufficient amount of people to demonstrate the effects of CLA for body weight management. Not only did the CLA group lose weight, but also lost a significant amount of fat located in the legs and mid-section.

According to Dr. Marianne O'Shea, Director of Nutrition in North America at Lipid Nutrition, and manufacturer of Clarinol CLA, this study verifies that Clarinol CLA helps shape the body, "With so many overweight and obese people out there for weight loss, it is important to find healthy ways to decrease body fat." Patrick Luchsinger, Marketing Manager at Lipid Nutrition is confident in the future developments of the CLA market. "This latest research on Clarinol CLA further supports Lipid Nutrition's commitment to scientifically based ingredients that have a healthy benefit for consumers. We are pleased to inform consumers that Clarinol CLA is the most effective CLA on the market for weight management that one could include into their lifestyle."

Hip/waist ratio decreases: In the Clarinol CLA supplemented group, fat mass reduction was observed after three months. The women in the Clarinol CLA group showed fat reduction located in the leg and waist areas whereas for men the fat reduction was mainly in the waist area/mid-section. Previous research was unable to establish this before. Overall body weight, hip/waist ratio and BMI reduced relative to the placebo.