Delaying Vaccines Reduces Risk of Asthma

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The link below gives you access to the entire article. Even more important to keep in mind when you know that although having asthma and food allergies puts you at increased risk for a more severe allergic reaction. (anaphylaxis.)

Delay in Vaccine & Reduced Risk of Asthma (PDF)


“Early childhood immunizations have been viewed as promoters of asthma development by stimulating a TH2-type immune response or decreasing microbial pressure, which shifts the balance between TH1 and TH2 immunity.

Results: Among 11, 531 children who received at least 4 doses of DPT, the risk of asthma was reduced to ½ in children whose first dose of DPT was delayed by more than 2 months. The likelihoodof asthma in children with delays in all 3 doses was 0.39 (95% CI, 0.18-0.86).

Conclusion: We found a negative association between delay inadministration of the first dose of whole-cell DPT immunization in childhood and the development of asthma; the association was greater with delays in all of the first 3 doses.”