Asthma Inhalers: Do You Need It?

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Asthma inhalers allow a person that is facing asthma to experience what is happening to them with a bit of protection along the way. Asthma is not a condition that can be predicted. There are going to be times when something that you did not know was there causes a trigger in the person that causes the reaction of blocked airways.


Although there are many various methods to treating asthma, having an inhaler is almost a must for those that face this type of condition with any severity. Even those that have mild asthma that does not often trigger with an episode should have access to an inhaler.

An inhaler that is used for asthma is quite important. This tool allows a person to get the almost immediate relief that they need from an asthma reaction. If you are outdoors, enjoying the day and then all of a sudden find yourself facing a reaction to the mist that you are breathing in, you need to be able to have an inhaler to help you. These inhalers work by allowing you to simply breathe in the medication quickly. This allows it to get right into your airways causing the muscles there to open up and allow you to breath normally again. Other medications that are taken in the form of a pill or even those that are injections will take more time to actual get into your system and provide help.

Not everyone that has asthma will have the same medications within their inhaler. The severity of your specific asthma reaction is what will trigger the type of medication that your doctor prescribes. You should always keep your medications up to date and keep them with you to provide the help that only your inhaler can. Of course, no one wants to use the inhalers that they have but when a time comes that you need one, can there be anything else that is more important?



On occassion if I have something heavy on my chest for a short period of time and afterwords I breath hard does that mean I have asthma?