Poor Indoor Air Quality Triggers Asthma

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Pollution on outdoors surely can trigger asthma, but did you know that indoor air can also intensify allergies and asthma? Having poor air quality indoors can be 5 times as harmful as the pollution present on outdoors.

According to the American Lung Association, air conditioning, ventilation and heating are the most common source of indoor pollution that can trigger asthma. Ductz Indoor Air Professionals, in Ann Arbor Mich suggested ways to decrease those triggers as well as ways on improving indoor air quality.


It is highly recommended not to smoke indoors because secondhand smoke is dangerous to those who have asthma.

Keep your home clean and dust-free. And lastly, make sure that you do regular inspection to your air conditioners, heating and ventilation systems and if necessary, clean them.

I guess we are never safe against air pollution, but somehow, at our own home, we still can do something to keep our air clean, and besides, weather we like it or not, we need to keep it clean, its our home, its where we stay.