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Why Would An 8 Year Old Kid Need A Statin?

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When did they start testing kids for high cholesterol? Is it becoming a routine part of pediatric exams since kids are getting fatter? I haven't a clue, but it is certainly a wake up call.

I have an ongoing battle with my doctor because of my own cholesterol. She looks at the "bad" stuff; I look at the ratio which I'm told is an obsolete measure. Depends on who you talk to. The battle will no doubt continue because I'm flat out afraid of the side effects that are possible - liver problems being one of the more prevalent. At the moment I'm on enough non-effective medications to open my own pharmacy. I don't care to add another to the mix.

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But that's me. A senior citizen who realizes maintaining a semblance of health is a constant balancing act.

But for kids? I see them. Around schools, in the malls, in grocery store parking lots - places I pass or visit with some frequency. If I were of an age where I had a lot of friends with kids I might also see them in their homes. Just what would I find? Burgers, fries, pizza and soda pop as a steady diet? Sitting around texting their friends? I guess eight year olds are savvy enough to do that. Playing non-stop video games? I really don't know. But if that is what I would find there is a remedy that is far better than prescribing statins.

Go outside and play. Ride a bike. Take a hike. Go swimming. Join a team. Play a sport. And take your folks with you. Pills may lower the cholesterol but they won't do squat about solving the problem. The doctors know it. The parents know it. And I'll bet even the kids know it.



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