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Clarian Health, Vision Racing Offer Free Cholesterol Screenings

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Free Cholesterol Screenings

Clarian Health will provide free public cholesterol screenings using the CardioChek technology at a series of Indianapolis Motor Speedway events taking place throughout the month of May.

These free cholesterol screenings will target the heaviest fan traffic at the track and will promote the device created by a Zionsville-based company.

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"Clarian Health's partnership with Vision Racing and CardioChek enables us to provide a healthy benefit to the large and diverse audience at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway," says Bill Stephan, Senior Vice President of Community Relations for Clarian Health. "It's also another way for Clarian to demonstrate our commitment to our mission by utilizing leading edge technology in ways that directly impact the health of our community."

The CardioChek device is a portable analyzer that allows people to check their cholesterol and other levels at home. With a small blood sample the CardioChek can measure such levels as: Total cholesterol, HDL "good" Cholesterol, or Triglycerides. The device has been tested on over 25 million people in 66 countries.

"CardioChek has been rigorously tested in the US and Europe, and provides accurate and speedy results similar to what the doctor would receive from a medical laboratory," says Dick Kovacs MD, clinical director of the Krannert Institute of Cardiology at Clarian Health. "Americans should be more concerned about their cholesterol levels. CardioChek makes it easy to know your cholesterol level."

CardioChek is made by Polymer Technology Systems, Inc., a privately held company based in Zionsville, Indiana. CardioChek Systems were launched worldwide in 2003 and are now used by thousands of physicians, pharmacists, health and wellness programs, and consumers worldwide.

CardioChek technology is used by Clarian's Health Promotions and Community Relations Department whenever they perform community and work-site health screenings.