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Device-Guided Paced Breathing Lowers Blood Pressure

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Blood Pressure Treatment

American Society of Hypertension--Booth #2412--May 16, 2006--InterCure, Ltd., today announced new findings demonstrating the mechanism of action of its FDA-cleared hypertension treatment device, RESPeRATE. Details from four new studies will be presented at the American Society of Hypertension's 21st Annual Scientific Meeting (ASH 2006) in New York. The studies directly showed a reduction in the resistance of narrowed blood vessels to blood flow (peripheral resistance) and lower blood pressure.

The mechanism study, led by Dr. Kyung-Hoon Choe, from Wonju College of Medicine in South Korea, measured Systemic Vascular Resistance Index [SVRI] and other hemodynamic parameters, heart rate, and blood pressure of 22 hypertensive patients. The patient group was part of a 70-patient multi-center study using RESPeRATE for fifteen minutes a day throughout an eight week period. Overall, patients experienced a significant blood pressure reduction (average) of 12.6/5.3 mmHg (p<0.001) without a change in heart rate. Furthermore, peripheral resistance as measured by SVRI in the subgroup tested was significantly reduced from the baseline to end values, 3309