Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor With Continuous Beat-By-Beat Recording

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Blood Pressure Monitoring

VivoMetrics announced a collaborative breakthrough in physiological monitoring which will enable the addition of continuous non-invasive beat-by-beat monitoring of blood pressure.

The new feature is now being integrated into the System and will be available as an option to VivoMetrics' customers by the end of the second quarter of this year.


The availability of the non-invasive technology will enable blood pressure measurement in larger animals without discomfort and without the need to habituate the study animals to cuff inflation. "This device complements the 1Khz electrocardiogram (ECG) signal, the high resolution respiratory data, and the activity and posture information already available with the LifeShirt(R) Preclinical System. The availability of a non-invasive blood pressure measurement is an important step in enabling the advancement of non-invasive preclinical research," said Alex Derchak, Ph.D., principal scientist and vice president, clinical development of VivoMetrics.

The non-invasive blood pressure device is a version of Empirical's "BPGuardian" product which has been adapted for use on dogs, pigs, and non-human primates. It consists of a sensor worn on the wrist, arm or leg, controlled by a small electronics pack. David Gerdt, CEO of Empirical Technologies, says, "we have solved the problem of non-invasive blood pressure monitoring in humans. Our device is as accurate as the current clinical gold standard. We are excited to be working with VivoMetrics to customize our device for preclinical research. We have already reduced the form factor by 70%, increased the battery life to 30 hours, and have collected data on non-human primates that show our technology works as well in those species as in humans."

VivoMetrics also has exclusive distribution rights to Empirical's "BPGuardian" for Life Sciences research.

Since expanding its LifeShirt technology platform into the preclinical market in 2005, VivoMetrics continues to evolve its products to meet the needs of researchers. "Our customers expressed a need for a non-invasive blood pressure device and we sought to deliver. This collaboration with Empirical Technologies represents a continued step forward in our mission to improve the science and economics of preclinical research while promoting animal welfare," said Paul Kennedy, president and chief executive officer of VivoMetrics.