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Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance is also known as LTC or LTCI. This is a type of an insurance plan, offered in the United States, that is growing in popularity with the increasing number of baby boomers moving into old age.

Increased Health Care Costs, Aging Population Pose Concerns

Comptroller General David Walker on Tuesday at a Senate Budget Committee hearing said that increased health care costs and an aging population have placed the federal budget on an "imprudent and unsustainable path" and that "passage of time only serves to worsen this situation," Congress Daily reports.

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Private Fee-For-Service Medicare Plans Raise Questions About 'Long-Term Direction'

Fee-For-Service Medicare Plans

The Boston Globe on Wednesday examined private fee-for-service Medicare Advantage plans in Massachusetts. According to the Globe,while private fee-for-service plans expanded nationwide in 2003, theywere not offered in New England until January. The plans may offer morebenefits than traditional Medicare and do not limit beneficiaries tocertain physicians or require them to obtain a referral to seespecialists as in private managed care plans.

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Iowa Officials Discuss Possible Changes To Long-Term Care Insurance Coverage

Iowa Insurance Commissioner Susan Voss is considering requesting legislation that would give long-term care insurance policyholders similar rights as people with health insurance in dealing with insurers who deny claims or delay payments, the Des Moines Register reports. Voss discussed the possible changes on Thursday at a meeting of seniors and insurance industry officials. The meeting was the second of three ordered by Gov. Chet Culver (D) that are intended to discuss problems with long-term care coverage in the state.

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