Car Emissions, Environment and Fuel Cost

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News results on Car emissions reductsion

Wouldn't it be great if your automobile engine or car could have an average fuel savings of over 10% against the backdrop of rapidly rising fuel costs and in the meantime preserve the mother nature and contribute to clean environment?

EcoTurboUSA - an automobile emissions international company from Charlotte, NC - reports that a team of European Scientists has some staggering results on car emissions reduction. The results of the findings are used by EcoTurboUSA, whose products are for all who are concerned about preserving mother Earth and our future through the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

Various organizations around the word are working to create strategies of how to achieve clean environment by reducing car emissions. Presently, in the car industry combustion fuel is burned inefficiently. The unburned molecules are either emitted into the air, in the form of polluting hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, or they remain inside your car engine causing deposits and varnish buildup.

Ecoturbo claims that utilizing high grade advanced design, high density and specific momentum in a magnetic field, The Ecoturbo alters the molecular structure of hydrocarbons resulting in more efficient combustion of fuel-air mixture in your car. These clustering decreases the area of the fuel molecules exposed to oxygen.


In other words, the compressed fuel atoms are torn apart by entering the Ecoturbo system, the air-fuel mixture gets optimized through the magnetic field so you burn your fuel more efficiently. This translates in better mileage, lower emissions, less harmful engine buildup and most importantly healthier and cleaner environment.

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