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New Rates Estimated For Some Long-Term Care Residents

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About 4,150 long-term care clients have received updated information on adjustments to what they pay for long-term care accommodations.

The adjustments are based on increases in the cost of operating facilities, changes in individual incomes, and increases to the old age security/guaranteed income supplement program. No long-term care client will face an increase of more than $3.50 per day.

"Annual rate reviews and adjustments are necessary to ensure that residents continue to receive quality care at a fair price," said Chris d'Entremont, Minister of Health.

Letters explaining the revised rates were mailed by the Department of Health to home administrators, long-term care residents and people with powers of attorney on Sept. 25. Long-term care clients waiting for placement in a home will receive their letters this month.

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Effective Nov. 1, the standard accommodation charge for a nursing home increased to $79 per day, up from $75.50 per day. The daily standard accommodation charge for a residential care facility increased to $50.50 from $49. The daily standard accommodation charge for a community-based option increased to $46.50 from $46. The daily respite charge in long-term care increased to $29.75 per day from $28.70.

The Department of Health also adjusted two income related areas effective Nov. 1, in keeping with this year's increase to the federal government's old age security/guaranteed income supplement.

Single seniors are able to retain 15 per cent of their income or $2,652, whichever is greater, before they pay accommodation charges. This reflects an $96 increase in the minimum retained income amount.

Couples who cannot pay the standard accommodation charges will also keep more of their money. Spouses who live in the community can retain $15,992 per year. That is an increase of $947 per year to the spousal income threshold amount.

The department's 2006-07 budget for long-term care services is about $342.9 million.