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Liver Cancer

Basic news coverage of liver cancer. Emaxhealth reporters bring the latest news on signs, symptoms and treatment options available to medical science on liver cancer.

Progen Continues Clinical Program For PI-88 In Liver Cancer

Progen Pharmaceuticals awarded to PI-88 for the prevention of tumour recurrence following curative resection of primary liver cancer and in order to commence the Phase 3 program as rapidly as possible, the Company will no longer continue with the Special Protocol Assessment process.


In 'Spontaneous' Liver Cancer, Researcher Sees a Cure

Adding more good news to last week's announcement that Nexavar (sorafenib) may be the first effective treatment for advanced liver cancer, researchers at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University have uncovered a new molecular mechanism that may "spontaneously" cause liver cancer.


Study Reveals Childhood Liver Cancer Risk Despite Rarity

Despite liver cancer being extremely rare, with only around ten cases recorded annually in the UK, the finding is significant as the disease should be preventable once the gene fault is identified.

Liver Cancer Risk

Researchers have announced that they have discovered a possible way to identify children at risk of liver cancer.

Researchers at King's College Hospital and King's College London found that all the children they studied who went on to develop liver cancer shared a common genetic flaw.