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Liver Cancer

Basic news coverage of liver cancer. Emaxhealth reporters bring the latest news on signs, symptoms and treatment options available to medical science on liver cancer.

Avoid These 5 Foods If You Want to Prevent Fatty Liver Disease

fatty liver disease

The Global Liver Institute (GLI) is declaring war on NASH (liver disease), calling it a hidden epidemic in a recent press release. NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) affects an estimated 115 million people globally. Tragically, NASH will become the number one cause for liver transplants next year. In this article, we are going to explore important facts about fatty liver disease and the top 5 foods that you should avoid to prevent it.

Research Closer to Finding Ways to Help Patients With Hepatitis

For healthcare workers, there has been a vaccine for Hepatitis B for some time now. T-cell immunity plays a vital role in pathogen infections. MicroRNA are small, single-stranded non-coding RNAs that regulate T-cell immunity by targeting key factors, signaling and proteins and cytokines associated with T-cell activation, differentiation, and function. This study of specific immune responses can provide new therapeutic opportunities against various infectious diseases.

Why Alcohol Damages Your Genetic Stem Cell DNA and Increases Your Cancer Risk


New research gives alcoholics another good reason to quit their drinking habit in 2018. Alcohol directly damages your DNA, and if that weren’t bad enough, it also increases your cancer risk. These are the consequences of a toxic chemical produced during your body’s attempt to process alcohol.

3 Vegan remedies that can kill liver cancer cells

3 Vegan remedies that can kill liver cancer cells

According to, Liver Cancer is the 10th most common cancer and the 5th most common cause of cancer death among men. It is also the 8th most common cause of cancer death among women. Mainstream treatments vary from surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. But what if there were natural remedies, scientifically proven, to kill liver cancer cells? Well, there are, and to find out more about 3 vegan remedies that can kill liver cancer cells, read on.