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Q-Link May Boost Energy, Relieve Electomagnetic Stress

Q-Link is a brand of bio-energy resonance jewelry

In the new generation of bio-energy jewelry, Q-Link is one of the most thoroughly-researched and reputable of the many energy-balancing pendants available.

Q-Link is a brand of bio-energy resonance jewelry, designed to energize the human body and enable people to experience better health, energy levels, and mental clarity. According to Q-Link, their products provide "more energy, less stress, greater focus, enhanced well-being and more."

Does the Q-Link Work?

Although the technology seems way out there, claiming to affect the unmeasurable biofield or subtle energy field around the body, extensive research has shown that this kind of SRT or "sympathetic resonance technology" does have an impact on health.

EEG studies show that Q-Link reduces the effects of cell phones on the brain, and live- and dried-blood tests show that the technology counters the effects of stress on the bloodstream and blood cells. Other studies seem to show that the Q-Link is able to reduce the effects of EMF (for people who are sensitive) from electrical appliances, decrease anxiety, and encourage and speed healing of chronic conditions.

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How Can Jewelry Affect Health and Well-Being?

Many people are skeptical of claims that a piece of jewelry can really affect the functioning of our bodies. Yet those who are energy-sensitive have noticed the impact of jewelry – especially heavier metal jewelry and battery-powered watches – long before pendants, necklaces, bracelets and more were designed to affect our health and energy.

Some people who are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic fields are unable to wear jewelry without fatigue and discomfort, while others find that battery-powered watches "die" if they wear them for more than a few minutes. The human body's energy field certainly seems to interact with what we wear.

Is the Placebo Affect at Work in Q-Link's Success?

In Amazon reviews, proponents of the Q-Link say that the energy balancing pendant has provided them with more energy, calm, focus, relief from migraines and insomnia, and other benefits. Skeptics say that the pendant made no difference to their health, emotional state, or other well-being, although it's hard to find anyone complaining of their stress or health getting worse while wearing it.

The Q-Link's merits are hotly contested and there are many nay-sayers who would call this kind of product quackery and its benefits placebo. Nevertheless, there seems to be evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, that the Q-Link works for many people.

For more information, see Q-Link (http://www.q-linkproducts.com).