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The Safe Space Cell Phone Protector for EMF Radiation, Microwaves

cell phone radiation protector

The cell phone protector from Safe Space is one of many products on the market today designed to block cell phone radiation. The small, unobtrusive round decal attaches to the back of your cellular or mobile phone, Blackberry, or other wireless devices and prevents harmful radiation and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from affecting health, mental state, focus and productivity.

How Does the Cell Phone Protector Work?

It has been known since the 1970's that microwaves, part of the energy emissions produced by every cell phone, present a serious cancer risk. Today, it is suspected that even light to moderate use of a cell phone increases the risk of brain cancer as well as potential damage to the ears, eyes, and jaw – all of which readily absorb microwaves.

According to the manufacturer, Protection Solutions, "Safe Space products 'repattern' the EMF field by creating a 'coherent polarizing field effect.' " The are made by encoding holographic technology with particular energy frequency patterns that support human health and neutralize the hazardous frequencies emitted by your cell phone – frequencies thought to contribute to stress, headaches, fatigue, disorientation, and cancer.

If this sounds like jibberish, you're not alone – most scientists disbelieve the claims made about this kind of product. How is it possible, experts ask, that a tiny device with no apparent energy source "transmutes energy without allowing it to affect the person or area under Safe Space protection"? The product is said to get rid of harmful EMF and microwave radiation "by broadcasting interference patterns" that neutralize the original, toxic frequencies.

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Studies on the Cell Phone Protector

Normal scientific apparatus are not sensitive to the kinds of energy changes produced by using the cell phone protector, but studies using bio-resonance testing have noted a difference in the body's response to "naked" cell phones as opposed to those with the cell phone protector attached.

Kinesiological testing, Autonomic Response Testing, and Heart Rate Variability all demonstrate an improvement in subjects' physical and emotional well-being when the cell phone protector is in place.

These types of body-energy test require a leap of faith; one must believe that these kinds of testing work in order to credit their results, a step than many are unwilling to make. Many people dismiss any research done on this kind of product as an elaborate hoax, and it will be impossible to combat that kind of criticism until scientific research on energy protection technologies receives more funding.

Despite criticism and dismissiveness from the scientific community, it seems that the cell phone protector works. People who complain of headaches, difficulty focusing, irritability, and other cell-phone-related symptoms common to those who are sensitive to EMF consistently notice a difference when a cell phone protector is attached to their phone. Many even use them on cordless home phones and other portable technology such as Blackberries.

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"a 'coherent polarizing field effect.' " The are made by encoding holographic technology" Fancy words, bad physics. Just more snake oil to sell to a gullible public.