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No No Hair Removal System

NONO Hair Removal System

Women everywhere are raving about the No No Hair Removal System by Radiancy. Featured in Elle, Vogue, InStyle, Allure, and Oprah, the revolutionary No No system was described by InStyle as one of the top health and beauty products to debut in 2008.

Testimonials from customers indicate that used consistently the No No Hair Removal system is an effective home-used tool for reducing the growth of unwanted hair. The No No can be used on all skin types and hair colors and textures. With a No No treatment there's no pain and there's no need to wait for hair to grow long in order to remove it. In addition, the No No system doesn't cause skin irritation, in-grown hairs, red pimples, or rashes. The No No hair removal system removes the majority of treated hair, but not all. For smoothest results, especially in the first few weeks of use, consumers should use a razor along with No No for a clean shave. Over time, the need to shave hair will be reduced.

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What sets the No No Hair Removal System apart from other hair removal products and systems? The No No is a hair removal system that's based on a new technology called Thermicon. Thermicon relies on the property of thermal transference to conduct a gentle application of heat directly to the hair root. The No No accomplishes this by using a thermodynamic wire in its blade that transmits heat. The patented thermodynamic wire, which is insulated for safety, is the core component of the No No system.

The No No Hair Removal System's thermodynamic wire removes hair in three separate steps. During first contact with the skin the thermal signal is in its strongest state, which allows the thermodynamic wire to separate the hair shaft directly at the point of contact. Next, the thermal signal crystallizes or singes the uppermost part of the hair, which temporarily leaves a coating of coarse residual hair that can feel prickly to the touch. Research suggests that the signal disrupts the cell communication between the hair follicle's bulge and root. This communication is considered to be responsible for stimulating hair growth.

Along with your choice of a pink or black No No device, the No No Hair Removal System includes a supply of three short blades, two long blades, a buffer, a storage bag, a cleaning brush for the device, and a charger. Buffers are used to smooth the skin and remove crystallized hairs as a final step in the treatment. A conditioning lotion by No No can also be purchased to silken and polish treated skin.