The Genuine Magnetrainer Exerciser Bike Is State Of The Art

Genuine Magnetrainer ER (Extended Range) Mini Exercise Bike

The Genuine Magnetrainer ER (Extended-Range) Mini Exerciser Bike by MagneTech represents state of the art exercise equipment at its best. A magnetic portable exercise bike, the Magnetrainer has a wider base, providing better stability than similar magnetic bikes.

Both front and rear supports of Genuine Magnetrainer ER (Extended-Range) Mini Exerciser Bike are over 15". Weighing only 20 pounds and small enough to fit under a table or desk, the Magnetrainer is a 100 percent improvement over standard exercise bikes that often function as coat racks.


The Magnetrainer ER Mini Bike provides a quiet, stable workout even with intense workouts. For those who exercise vigorously, causing the bike to move, the manufacturer can provide extra straps that attach to the chair legs. With a sturdy chair, the bike stays securely in place.

The Magnetrainer can also be placed on a tabletop and used to tone the arms. Especially effective on the undersides of the upper arms, the Magnetrainer provides ample adjustable magnetic resistance. Arm muscles can be worked by pedaling the arms in either the forward or reverse direction for optimal training. The bike's resistance knob is easy to operate in varying the workout intensity.

The Magnetrainer mini exercise bike requires minimal assembly with instructions that are easy to follow. The display screen on the Magnetrainer mini exercise bike allows the user to check measures of speed, distance, elapsed time, and the number of calories burned, allowing the user to set and achieve goals. The monitor keeps current readings until intentionally reset letting users work out at smaller intervals throughout the day while still tracking results.

The Magnetrainer ER mini exercise bike is solid, sturdy and well constructed despite its small size. The adjustable base allows for maximum stability and the pedals are comfortable. For added safety the pedals have foot straps and are covered with slip-resistant foot pads. Pedal resistance can be adjusted up to 170 W. Because it can be used anywhere, the Magnetrainer can be used while watching television, preparing dinner or reading.