GoFit Ultimate ProGym With DVD: Back On Track

GoFit Ultimate ProGym with DVD

The GoFit Ultimate ProGym with DVD came as a gift that I received for Christmas this year after asking for a fitness tool that would get me back on track with my workouts. This is my first acquaintance with GoFit and I am very impressed. The DVD explains the proper positioning of the cables and gives instructions for several different exercise routines designed to tone the entire body.

I had used free weights in the past and wasn't too sure how the weight cables in GoFit would compare. I was surprised at the steady control the cables provide compared to using weights. The GoFit Ultimate ProGym includes 5, 10, and 15 pound cables. I've just progressed to the 15-pound cables although at first I could barely do bicep curls with the 5 pound cables. Although I don't plan to use heavier weights, additional weight cables are available from ProFit for $4.00 if heavier weights are desired.


Included in the GoFit Ultimate Pro Gym, there's an attachment for linking the cables to door hinges to facilitate crossover rows and squats. At first, watching the video, I thought some of the exercises looked intimidating, but as I got familiar with the cables and increased my exercise capacity, the routines became less daunting.

I particularly like the way the entire "gym" fits into a convenient tote bag. At last I have a gym that I can take along on trips. Because the cables provide resistance training, the system itself is lightweight. In addition to the instructions that come with the DVD, you can download 12-week exercise workouts to use with the GoFit Ultimate ProGym system at the company's website, gofit.net/prod/progym.html.

The one feature I'd like to see added to this system is a shaping and toning exercise video that follows a series of routines. While the DVD provides excellent information for using the GoFit Ultimate ProGym correctly, it would be good to have a video with several 30-minute sessions that could be varied with each use. Overall, I'm very pleased with my results so far and wouldn't hesitate to buy more exercise equipment from ProGym.