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Is Terry Sedlacek's Lyme Disease Linked To Maryville Pastor's Shooting?

Terry Sedlacek and Lyme Disease Symptoms

Family members of Terry J. Sedlacek, who has been charged with fatally shooting of Fred Winters, the Maryville Pastor of First Baptist Church in Maryville Illinois report that the 27-year old Sedlacek has been suffering from Lyme Disease.

Terry Sedlacek’s attorney Ron Slemer has confirmed that Sedlacek first contracted Lyme Disease several years ago after being bitten by a tick. Ticks transmit the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterial microorganism responsible for Lyme disease, which is known to cause depression and mental aberrations.

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Lyme disease, which is frequently characterized by a bullet-like rash within weeks of infection, can cause neurological symptoms similar to those seen in multiple sclerosis. In his book The Lyme Disease Connection, Dr. Kenneth Singleton reports that many people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) are later found to have been misdiagnosed and actually have chronic Lyme disease. Singleton explains that this is why treatments such as low dose naltrexone offer benefits in both disorders.

The Cornell pathologist Dr. Yash Agrawal, writing in a Letter to the Editor in the European Journal of Neurology, explains that symptoms in both MS and Lyme Disease result from an increased production of excitotoxins such as glutamate. Agrawal explains that treatments such as beta-lactam antibiotics may work in Lyme disease by reducing levels of excitotoxins rather than eradicating Borrelia.

Excitotoxins have also been implicated in Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Excitotoxin accumulations occur as a result of oxidative stress and resulting changes in metabolic pathways. Symptoms in Lyme disease can include symptoms similar to those of the flu early on. However, over time Lyme disease can affect the joints, heart and central nervous system. Typical symptoms of chronic disease include arthritis, heart problems, and encephalitis (central nervous system inflammation), headaches, facial muscle paralysis (Bell’s palsy), peripheral neuropathy, meningitis and confusion.

While Terry Sedlacek is currently being held without bond, he has been hospitalized allowing physicians to make a thorough assessment of his condition. Besides the fatal shooting of the pastor, two other parishioners were shot and injured during the morning church services in Maryville, which is close to St. Louis Missouri.



Not to defend the murder, but the following also helps in trying to understand: By Brian A. Fallon, M.D., M.P.H., and Jenifer A. Nields, M.D. Am J Psychiatry 151:11, November 1994 pp.1571-1580 "....Early signs include meningitis, encephalitis, cranial neuritis, and radiculoneuropathies. Later, encephalomyelitis and encephalopathy may occur. A broad range of psychiatric reactions have been associated with Lyme disease, including paranoia, dementia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, major depression, anorexia nervosa, and obsessive-compulsive disorder." More: Google "Lyme disease psychosis", first link should be Brian Fallon, etc.
I've know Terry for years and he was the happiest guy I knew before he got this. He would have never killed anyone. This is a very sad situation.
Isn't Lyme disease caused by an organism very similar to syphilis? If so, isn't psychosis in Lyme like tertiary syphilis? Can't this organism go dormant in the CNS for years at a time?
I just don't see how lyme disease can make someone shoot or want to end other people's lives, unless he was really truly wronged by the Church? Disease doesn't change purpose- and the fact that there was intent for more bloodshed shows 'superstitiously' or 'spiritually' that something was stopping it. Maybe Sedlacek is possessed with a demon?? Sorry if that's too bold to say? In an article I read, it said he would make barking noises and twitch... It will be interesting in the next couple days to see what exchanged words occurred between Sedlacek and Pastor Winters.
You don't see how? Read the article. Your brain is a chemical machine. Lyme spirochetes, just like Syphilis spirochetes, can inhabit your brain and alter its functioning in a very profound way. The article explains as precisely as possible how Lyme can alter nerve cell functioning and thus, at a higher level, your behavior. Read the article.
I am 46 years old and just moved to another state for the first time in my life. Fort Mill, SC is home to one of the best Lyme disease specialists in the world. There are no words to describe how this horrible disease has changed my life. It turns your body into a torture chamber. I have had hallucinations, panic attacks, loss of sensations, 0 smell / taste, and the list goes on an on. Everytime I vist my Lyme doctor he asks me if I have had any psychotic episodes or developed signs of schizophrenia. This stuff gets in your brain and can do anything to its chemical makeup. What most folks don't realize is that Lyme patients are caught in the middle of a highly controversial medical debate. Mainstream medical opionion says chronic Lyme does not exist. Lyme specialist and researchers say it does exist and can be very difficult to treat if not caught early. Most IV antibiotic treatment programs are not covered by insurance.....and they are very expensive. There is no telling what kind of treatment Mr. Sedlacek could or could not get for this problem........sounds like whatever treatment he was given was not adequate for his condition. My prayers go out to everyone.
Someone in our town was bitten by a dog that has lyme desease. He is claiming he now has contracted Lyme desease from from the dog. Is that possible? http://www.buygenericdrugs.net/diseases/Lyme-Disease/