Perfect Pushup - Original That Uses Biomechanics

Perfect Pushup

The Perfect PushUp--Original by Body Rev is a well-designed piece of exercise equipment that uses principles of engineering and biomechanics to facilitate a perfect push up. Created by a Navy Seal, the Perfect PushUp reduces undue strain on elbows and wrists.


Made of sturdy plastic, the Perfect PushUp--Original is light weight and compact, making it a perfect addition to any home gym. Because of the natural angle created with this system, pushups can be performed safely, while providing a better workout for muscles of the arms, anterior deltoids, back and chest. The Perfect PushUp is excellent for working out the upper body, and used with exercises for the lower body, exercise enthusiasts can easily create a perfect workout.

The Perfect PushUp’s stable base with rubber grips prevents slipping while allowing flexible arm rotation. The system also includes an exercise chart that shows proper pushup form featuring a customizable 21-day workout plan based on 2-minute drills used by Navy Seals.

The Perfect PushUp--Original is designed to improve endurance rather than strength while toning upper body muscles. By increasing the range of motion used in regular push ups, the Perfect PushUp provides a safe, consistent workout. At 4 pounds, the perfect PushUp can be taken along on trips and used anywhere a workout is desired. This review is for the Original PerfectPush up, which is sturdier than the Basic version.

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