President Obama Launches Health Reform Website

Health Reform

President Barack Obama is showing his commitment to health care reform with the launch of a health care reform website, Launched on March 5, 2009 is an official government website maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The unveiling of this new website coincides with a comprehensive conference the President and the White held on health care reform.

At the Health Reform Website, the public can learn what 30,000 Americans had to say about problems and solutions to health care reform, and they can read an ongoing blog describing health care reform in the making. Here, Americans can leave feedback on health care services, insurance availability for people with pre-existing conditions, and the lack of preventive services.


President Obama has empowered Americans in recent months by giving them an opportunity to participate in discussions involving health care reform. A video showing what Americans had to say is available on the website. In addition, interested citizens can learn what health reform initiatives their state is working on, and they can learn what recommendations and proposals President Obama is presenting to Congress.

While Congressional Records and the implementation of new policies have been available to the public through various government websites, this is the first website with an active blog describing how policies are made. The website also describes the activities of various task forces and provides ample opportunities for individuals to offer suggestions and feedback in direct text not exceeding 5000 words.

Both healthcare consumers and healthcare providers are struggling. Hospitals across the country are finding it necessary to reduce staff to avoid closing their doors, and patients are voicing concerns over the quality and safety of the healthcare they receive. Americans are concerned about the rising cost of prescription medicines, the high rate of medication errors in hospitalized patients, and the effectiveness of the Food and Drug Administration. President Obama and his committees are searching for solutions to these problems and the Health Reform website is the perfect opportunity for health care professionals and interested parties to help them find these solutions.


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